Hotmail is an email service provider which is launched by Microsoft. With the help of this email service, you may do immediate messaging, Xbox live, prompt email service, and so on. It provides more security in comparison to other emails so that you can connect easily with dear ones, colleagues and family members without any hesitation.

Disruptions Related to Hotmail: Hotmail Password Recovery Not Working

Although Hotmail provides so many qualitative features for sending and receiving mail but it does not mean it is free from error as there is nothing perfect in this world. When you use Hotmail then you may face some technical issues with your Hotmail account. Out of all these issues, Hotmail password reset or Hotmail password recovery not working is one of the most common issue. To resolve this issue, you need to just go through the given information.

Steps to Reset Hotmail Password :

    • First of all, you are required to tap on the outlook icon to open your Hotmail account.
    • Then click on the Get started option. If your account is already opened then do not need to click on this option.
    • Now you are required to enter your email address.
    • After that, you will have to tap on the Add account option.If you do not remember your password then skip this step.
    •  Now you will have to click on the Forgot my password link.
    •  After that, you are required to check the “I forgot my password” field which is at the top of the page.
    • Go on the next option.
    • After that for Hotmail password reset you will have to enter the Captcha for the verification purpose.
    • Then go to the next option.
    • You will have to go on the recovery option.
    • Here you will have to select either you want to recover your password by email or via phone number.
    • If you have registered any backup email or phone number then click on it otherwise you need to choose the “I do not have any of these” then tap on next.
    • Now you will have to add a backup email address and follow on-screen instruction.
    • Now enter your email address and phone number.
    • You will have to choose this option for Hotmail password reset then click on the next option to verify your account. After that, you will have to open your alternate email id.
    • Where you will see a link which is sent by the Hotmail, click on that link.
    • For Hotmail password recovery you will have to note down the verification code. On your phone, you will get a text message from where you need to note down security code and enter this code and the Hotmail account page then click on the next option You are required to enter a new password then for confirmation enter a new password.

By following the above-stated steps of Hotmail password reset efficiently, you have successfully recovered your Hotmail password.

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