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2021-07-29 17:07:19

How I will get in touch with Facebook to report a problem? I am having trouble with recovery of my FB Account

Shirley Menton
2021-08-01 17:47:13

Hi sir, My Facebook Account is hacked and and the person Changes the identity of my account .Please help me to get Back my account as I am also Running Facebook Business account through that id. How can I reach to representative at Facebook?

Sarah Miley
2021-09-29 17:40:38

I had tried alot to login my Facebook account but failed to do so,How do I login to my Facebook account if I have lost access to the phone number to which the two factor authentication code will be sent? I also tried to talk to a live person at Facebook help centre but its disconnected please help.

Toriqul islam bhuyan mahi
2021-12-08 08:41:57

My facebook account hassben locked


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