Windows Password Recovery Number

21 Nov

Steps to Recover Windows Password & Tech Support Number

Microsoft Windows is a group of many graphical operating system families,which are developed by microsoft.It provides graphical user interface for computers.

Features of Windows-

Here, are features of Windows listed below-

  • There is a “start menu” ,so when the user click on the start button,he get two panels,one showing pinned recently and most used apps.User can also get a power button.
  • Cortana Integration is a voice controlled virtual assistant cortana to desktop computers,to make it easier for the user to interact with his device.
  • Microsoft replaced internet explorer with microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Microsoft has multiple virtual desktops ,so user can work in and quickly switch between.
  • Microsoft introduced a new feature “universal apps” ,to make transition across devices more seamless.

Steps to Windows Password Recovery -

If user forgot his windows password ,then he wants to know “how to recover windows password” , then he can follow these steps to recover the windows password-

  • Reset microsoft windows password-

After losing windows password ,the easiest and quickest way to recover it by reset the windows online.When user has windows account and microsoft manage the account online then user can easily reset his password from any browser on or any computer and device including the smartphone.

  • Use the password reset disk-

To reset the password ,user can use the password reset disk, it is the another easy method for password recovery.

User can create a password reset disk,it can be a floppy disk or can be flash drive depending on the windows version.User should create this password reset disk before password lose.User create the disk just for once, after that it doesn’t matter how many times he changes the password,this password reset disk work for his reset passwords.

  • Change Password By have an Administrator-

If the user have other user he share his computer with has a windows log-on account that’s set up with administrator level access.Then the other user can change the password for you.

  • Use Password recovery tool-

Windows password recovery tools are software programs that user can easily download from various legitimate websites and then use that software to find the lost windows password.

  • Clean Install windows-

To clean install windows,user needs to erasure complete hard drive,then reinstall the windows operating system.

Issue of Windows-

There are several of issue ,user can face while using windows-

  • Automatic Updates-

Automatic updates can cause unprompted and unexpected restarts to install important updates and it wastes time.

  • Internet use-

Windows has the problem of using internet data by automatic download in the background.So the user has to go to settings ,then network and internet ,select wifi and advanced options.

  • Privacy issue-

User’s personal information may be shared with microsoft cloud account for better service by cortana.

Get solution with windows password recovery phone number -

If user has facing the problems in recovery process,then he can get help by tech support team via windows password recovery number.User can get the phone number online on their website.Microsoft windows tech support team instantly provide the user better suggestion and maintenance service.User can directly talk to them by using phone number,technician gives instruction over a call and user just needs to follow those instructions and do the password recovery process.

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