Yahoo not working on iPhone,How to fix?

10 Nov

What Causes is Yahoo not working on iPhone and How to Fix It?

Yahoo Mail is no doubt offers you many services making emailing easy and simple. But there are times when you may experience some messages on your screen while using Yahoo Mail account. The messages like 'Authentication failed', 'Cannot get mail', or 'Connection to the server failed', are some of the errors that can cause you trouble in using your Yahoo account. It could be anything to see such errors with your Yahoo account. Most of the time, it appears when there's an internet issue or poor speed of the internet. Also, when the Yahoo Mail app installation is improper or corrupted, this issue can be seen. If you see Yahoo not working on iPhone and want to fix the problem, you can go through this post.

How to Fix the Issue of Yahoo Mail App Not working on iPhone?

There are some basic steps that you can perform to get rid of this situation with your Yahoo Mail account. And to help you with it here are some instructions to follow, go through them.

Check If Yahoo Account Works Outside of the App

  • At first, you need to open a web browser on your computer.
  • Then go to the Yahoo Mail login page.
  • Enter the username, click Next, and also, enter the password.
  • After that, try to compose an email and send it to your own address.
  • Check if it arrives within five minutes. Any issue appears you need to
  • Compose a new email and add your own address in the "To" field.

Send the email and see if it arrives within 5 minutes. On facing any problem, contact customer service to fix the Yahoo mail app not working on iPhone.

Update Operating System

With the passage of time, Apple releases updates for its operating system to improve the functionality and remove bugs in its services. In that case, you should make sure that no pending update is there. Also, on finding any update, install the latest version of the software.

Uninstall and Reinstall Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail

It may be the case; the Yahoo Mail app settings could be corrupted or incomplete. So, you should try to uninstall the application in order to fix when the Yahoo mail app not working on iPhone. And after a minute, reinstall the application on your iPhone.

Add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail with IMAP

There are times when the automated setup process gets failed to add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail. In such a case, you can enter the settings manually. All you need is to remove your Yahoo Mail address from your iOS Mail. And then you should try to enter the Yahoo Mail IMAP settings manually.

Once you perform the above instructions, you will no longer wonder why is yahoo mail not working. On the off chance, if doing the above steps won't help you, don't worry about it. You still can get rid of the problem with the help of the tech support team. The support team is available to assist you and you can connect with customer service over a phone call, live chat, or email. Moreover, to get instant help from experts, you should make a phone call at the customer service phone number and fix the issue.

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