01 Jun

Facebook not working,How to fix?

Learn the steps to fix the issue of Facebook not working on iPhone

Several times it has been noticed that the new and experienced user of the iPhone encounters various types of problems. But today human beings are failing spectacularly to use the Facebook account on the iPhone. Here we have mentioned simple methods to fix the issue of Facebook not Working on iPhone

Follow the basic steps required to fix the issue of Facebook not working 

These are all the basic steps that is easy to follow and easy to understand, so painstakingly follow each and every step.

  • In the initial stage, first, you should uninstall the app and launch it back again to fix the unresponsive unloading Facebook.

Now after following the above user should Switch off and on the Wi-Fi to get the back work done 

  • for these go to the settings> move to the Wi-Fi cellular.
  • After following the above, now the user should clear the cache and website history.

In the Chrome

  • First Go to the Menu button> next move to the privacy >following now clear the browsing data> and now you have to select the data you want to rid> tap on the clear browsing data.

                If using safari

  • First Move to the settings>following clear the History and the website data or information.

If the problem persists for long even after following the above steps, you can learn these below-mentioned steps to fix the issue of Facebook not Working on iPhone

  • In the initial stage, first, you need to delete the Facebook app and reinstall it again.
  • Hold on the app> following above tap on the X button> concurrently Delete the Pop up to confirm the account.
  • After following the above, now download the official Facebook app to initiate the process.
  • Now reboot the device of your iPhone.
  • In the next move, following above now reset the configuration settings of the device for that you have to follow the defined sequence as the Settings> then move to general> go to the Reset> In the end now user can reset all the settings)
  • Up to date your Facebook regularly.
  • In the last step, now check the DNS server setting.

Whatever we have learned so far it’s all about to fix the issue of  Facebook, not Working. Apart from that user can visit to the authorized dealer or the service center to fix the issue in one go.

In an instance, if the user found themselves in a similar situation of Facebook not working on chrome, then the users are lucky they ended up here, stop for a while and stick easily with the below-mentioned points to fix the issue

Points to remember to fix the issue of Facebook not working on chrome

  • In the beginning of the process, first try with the clear cache and the temporary data from the browser, to start this user this from the web browser’s settings and the preferences
  • In the beginning of the process, now user need to login to your computer
  • Click on the question mark available which is available at the top right corner of a Facebook page
  • Now click on the select Report a problem
  • Now after the following, Rest follow the on-screen instructions very carefully.
  • Now you have successfully performed all the steps in a simple way

Follow the instructions to recover Facebook not working in a simple way. There could be various reasons for the same, In an instance, if the users are working for the long office hours and an instant you start wondering to access the Facebook account but you find that you got stuck or encounter in between the situation of login and Facebook not working on Android what is the possible way we should follow, stop worrying and follow the above-mentioned points to restore Facebook account so that one can connect with a network of the people to give them clear and the concise message or information that you want to share with them.

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