20 Jul

Facebook not working on iPhone

How to fix Facebook not working on iPhone? 

Back at the starting of the 21st century when technology was seeing a revolution, the launch of Facebook broke all ties. Today as internet users have become too addicted to social media applications, it all started with Facebook. There is not even a single internet user who does not use Facebook. Though other social media applications have become more popular today there was a time when Facebook was more popular.

Using Facebook on different gadgets 

Facebook is an online application that requires an internet connection to be used on any kind of device. From a simple android smartphone to a tablet or a laptop/computer system, you can log in the Facebook on either of these. And to use Facebook, the rules are very easy. All you need is a username, a strong password to secure your account, and a few more personal details and hence you will be done. However, while logging in someday you might feel that is Facebook not working today? Facebook not working is a very common issue that keeps on happening. 

Facebook not working in iPhone  

If you use Facebook on apple devices like iPhone but facing difficulty in logging has become a very common issue. Facebook app not working on iPhone is a very common issue these days and can be easily resolved with the help of troubleshooting methods. But before fixing the Facebook app issue, you also need to find out the reason behind it. 

Reasons behind Facebook not working on iPhone

Before fixing any issue, the first thing which you need to find out is the reason behind the error. There are countless reasons behind Facebook not working on iPhoneYou can check out them from the list given below. 

1.The biggest reason behind Facebook not working is the internet issue. To access any feature of Facebook, you need a strong internet connection. Just in case your internet slows down, you won’t be able to use Facebook. 

2.Also, if you are using the outdated version of Facebook since a quite long time then a lot of features of Facebook won’t open. Also just in case, you don’t update the application, then you won’t be able to use it. 

3.A lot of times the issue is with the IOS of the apple device. If it has not been updated then the device might face issues while running the applications on Apple phone. 

4.In case there is a server error with Facebook then also the application will not work on any kind of device. 

5.A lot of users are not able to use Facebook if they have not cleared the cache files from the search history. 

Steps to fix Facebook not working

If you find Facebook not working on iPhone because of any of the above reasons then you can follow the below ways to fix it. 

1.If Facebook stops working because of the internet then switch to a stronger network.

2. Keep updating the Facebook application from time to time as well as the IOS of your iPhone.

3. If there is a server issue then try to use Facebook through any web browser till the application is fixed. 

4. Install antivirus in the device to protect all your devices from the virus and to ensure they are working smoothly. 

5.Moreover, clear all the cache files from history of Facebook and also keep changing the password of the account to ensure the safety of the account. 

And hence with the following methods, the user can easily fix the issue of Facebook not working on iPhone.

Contacting the customer care team 

Despite using the given troubleshooting methods, a lot of users still are not able to fix the issue of Facebook not working on iPhone. Hence, in this case, you can reach over to the customer care team for professional assistance. Tap below for the details. 

Calling on the helpline number 

The easiest way to reach out to the customer care team to fix Facebook not working on iPhone is to call on the helpline number. This number is active 24x7. 

Emailing your issue or using live chat 

Other than calling, you can also drop a mail or text on the live chat service to get the issue solved. The team will get back to you. 

And thus that’s the complete guide of why Facebook stops working and what can you do to fix the issue of Facebook not working on iPhone. 

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