12 May

How to fix black TV screen with or without sound?

Let’s fix when TV screen goes black with or without sound

It is a TV that entertains you every time at your home but all of a sudden you see a black screen and you might feel very bad. If you are facing this trouble and your TV is showing a black screen but there is sound on your TV you should check out the important cables of the HDMI Port and Setup box in terms of resolving this issue. But if you are still facing the same error, you should read the proper advice to figure out the cause of the error and fix black TV screen with sound accurately in no time. Sometimes, most people face this kind of error when they make any kind of suspicious settings or due to less connectivity of the wire with the TV, they can see the black screen but it might be possible to listen to the sound or not.

So you are not alone in facing this trouble you can fix a black TV screen with sound. Most people notice such error while watching TV and the screen just went black but the sound is on. If you have tried turning off and on and unplugging audio still works fine at this, you can change channels and hear different audio but it is making sure that there is no picture through cable component or HDMI port.

CaUse of the error in TV screen:

It is sure that if you are using a simple LED then you can change the channel and figure out why the black screen is showing on the screen but if other all channels are showing the same error but producing sound, you should certainly turn off your TV and check entire cables of Setup box and TV are connected properly or not. If you are having a smart TV and connected with Hulu, Roku, or Airtel Dish TV, you should check out the cable and connection in reply to fix this issue instantly.

Get solution:

You need to disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV and move it to an alternate port and plug the device back in and then power the device back on. If you still face the same error and want to fix the black TV screen with sound follow the steps pointed down.

  • At first, turn on your TV and check out the whole connection and then make sure that your stations have sound.
  • You can dim the light of the room and then check out the minor screen is showing or not and then turn your TV off.
  • You need to enter standby mode and then check out the hardware component and then update your TV firmware and resolve the issue finally.     

Sometimes people face a problem with their TV when there is black and sound is also not audible, you should identify the cause of the error. To fix black TV screen with no sound, you need to first check out the power button is on or not and then try to change the channels and then check out the hardware connection as well.

Get solution:

It is time to repair your TV with the sound that sometimes does not work fine and you show back screen and also sound does not work fine. Your TV is faulty with the panel and black screen showing with no sound, your screen might be damaged with the sound and to fix black TV screen with no sound, you should follow the steps to get this issue fixed instantly.

  • At first, turn on your TV ad reset all the components if you can through your TV remote.
  • You need to use a coax cable or setup box and connect it to the HDMI port and make sure the cable is not damaged.
  • Check out the sound button and TV screen and then you should disassemble your TV and test every cable to repair.
  • The sound cable is required to repair and then select the screen section to check and repair it instantly.      

It is hoped, your problem is solved however if you still want to fix the black TV screen with sound or no sound, do contact our tech support team to get this issue fixed instantly. 

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