08 Jul

Fix,Gmail Authentication Error

Follow the process to fix the issue of Gmail Authentication error with Outlook, Apple Mail and android.

Gmail authentication error has been reported by the large number of users because email server error cannot verify that email access is authorized or not.

This problem might be due to typos or incorrect usernames. Fortunately, you are at the right place here you will see the simple, easy and the most intuitive solution to fix this issue of Gmail Authentication settings.

Recommended to enable IMAP in Gmail

This is one of the most simple, basic and the easiest approach to fix Gmail Authentication Error.

  • At the beginning of the process, Login to the Gmail account.
  • In the next move, now open the settings.
  • Now select the “Forwarding & POP/IMAP option to proceed.
  • Next enable IMAP.
  • Now save the changes.
  • In the last step, enable the “access for the less secured app”.

Know the simple approach to add Gmail account on Outlook

If you are looking to add a Gmail account on outlook, then you need to set up IMAP and POP 3 to fix Gmail Authentication Error.

  • At the beginning of the process, enter the full name.
  • Now provide the details of the associated email address.
  • Enter the Gmail password.
  • In the next move, enter the details of server ‘imap.gmail.com’
  • Now for encrypted connection- press yes for SSL.
  • Now provide the SSL port number 993.
  • Following above give the details of the Outgoing Mail Server name - enter ‘smtp.gmail.com’
  • Now For the Encrypted Connection – yes, SSL or TLS/STARTTLS
  • Following above give the SSL Port number – 465
  • In the last step, now provide TLS/STARTTLS Port number - 587

Configure the POP 3 email settings of Outlook.

  • Enter the details or full name.
  • Next enter the details of email address.
  • Give the details of Gmail password.
  • Now give the details of Incoming Mail Server name as ‘pop.gmail.com’
  • Give the details of port number as 995.
  • Now you will see the POP3 setting similar to IMAP.
all the above step or the process is for helping you to fix the issue of an authentication error, and we have performed all the steps successfully.

Yes, anyone can use the Gmail account on Apple Mail. However, it is not a tough task for anyone to merge Google account with Apple Mail. It requires fewer efforts to fix Gmail authentication failed with Apple mail, just you need to select the Apple mail and apply for the request to add Gmail account on your Apple mail to fix Gmail Authentication Error.

Know the simple process to fix Gmail authentication failed with Apple mail.

  • At the beginning of the process, first, turn on your Mac device for the update of latest software.
  • Next, Go to the settings.
  • Following above, now you have to click on Gmail account app.
  • Select the type of mail account in Apple Mail.
  • Next tap on the reset button for the Mac device.
  • Now reactivate the apple account mail and concurrently select the mail server button,
  • In the next step, you have to click on the IMAP mail server and give the details of the Google account email address.
  • After completing all the above steps, now again you can sign-in to your Google account with the help of Apple mail

A Quick Solution to fix Gmail authentication error on Android.

1) Make sure and get connected to the internet

We should make use of a good range of internet connection for the uninterrupted streaming of videos, so one can connect themselves by following these steps to fix Gmail authentication failed

2) Turn on the airplane mode

Airplane mode has the ability to stop the medium of communication of the device, sometime these steps is being performed deliberately or it may turn off by itself.

Know the process 

  • First, you are required to open the settings and select the Network and the Internet.
  • Following above, now you can turn off the Airplane mode.

3) Use the proper range of the internet connection

Sometime due to a poor range of internet connection, it stops working or showing authentication failed and it all requires the sign-in process or agree to their terms , so use these below steps to verify the internet connection.

  • First, you need to open the browser.
  • After following the above, now you need to Type the Google.com and concurrently push the enter button or the return.
  • Following above, now you become able to reload the Google.com
  • In the next move, type the details which you want to see in the search box.
  • If the users were unable to see the results, this will be due to a low internet connection.
  • Now again your device will start working or mail.

Consider and adhere with the above mentioned steps of Gmail Authentication Error to know the deep insights to fix this issue. If required you can take assistance from the dedicated support team of the Gmail to get around the problem. Apart from that, user can mail their concern to the authentic department of Google.

In addition if you are willing to learn from the Gmail customer service, dial their number and stay in touch until they provide you solution to fix the issue, or even you can ask your friends, colleagues or relative to help you out of this issue in one go.

Janet J Tanksley
2020-11-10 19:09:54

I use Gmail on my Laptop, running Windows. My daughter sent an email to me, with 2 attachments. GMail cannot authenticate it and I cannot download the attachments. I see all sorts of fixes for gmail not authenticating MY email, but nothing for incoming email. Thanks.


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