28 Aug

Gmail notification not working,How do I fix it?

How do I fix Gmail notifications not working on iPhone, android and chrome?

Gmail is a popular email platform that is used both for professional as well as personal use. As everyone uses Gmail, so the user gets a lot of data and information on a daily basis and becomes irritated to handle those emails. Sometimes, the user encounters not getting Gmail notifications issues but we have easy ways to resolve those issues. For such situations, Gmail has introduced the feature desktop notifications so that the important or priority data can be accessed or viewed first. These are pop up messages that come on your desktop screen and the new email arrives in your Gmail inbox. By this, you can easily track your data and it gets filtered up as per the priority.

Like the quick glance, the user can view these pop-up messages and can decide whether an email requires attention or it can be viewed later on. Sometimes, the user faces issues like Gmail notification not working and so we are unable to know about the new messages which are popping up.

Here, we have discussed some simple ways on, how to turn on Gmail notifications. If you face any kind of issue, you can call customer support team at any time.

Know the possible reasons behind the Gmail notification issue:

Before fixing the issue of Gmail notification, the user should know the reasons for not getting Gmail notifications that will also help in solving the issue. Follow the reasons given below.

  • Stored cache and cookies on browser.
  • Out-dated version of the Gmail app.
  • Not enabled chrome notifications.
  • Browser issues.

Ways to fix Gmail notifications issue:

Gmail notification always pops up on your device if any email comes in the inbox. Many times, the user may not get those notifications even after enabling them. To fix Gmail notification not working issues on chrome, android and iPhone, you should follow the below ways.

  1. On Chrome: If you want to fix the Gmail notification not working on Chrome, then you should follow the below steps carefully.
  • Use a different browser - The user should use another browser and check whether the notifications are working or not and if it is working then there is a problem with your chrome browser.
  • Turn on the Chrome notifications -Make sure you have enabled the notifications in your chrome browser otherwise these types of issue will come.
  • Enable Windows 10 notifications - The user should enable the window 10 notifications otherwise the notification issue will come in your Gmail.         
  • Turn on the system notifications -The user should enable the desktop notifications to fix the Gmail problem.
  1. On Android: If you want to fix the Gmail notification not working on Android, then you should follow the below steps carefully.
  • Correct time and date-The user should set the correct date and time in their android device otherwise Gmail notification will not come on your device.
  • Enable required permissions to Gmail - In android devices, make sure you enable the necessary permissions to the Gmail if you want to fix the issue of Gmail notifications.
  • Turn on the Sync -The user should enable the sync feature in their android device to get rid of the issue.
  • Remove Gmail cache and app data - Always clear the cache and app data from Gmail to get the issue fixed. After that, reboot your android device.
  • Update the Gmail app to the latest version- You should keep your Gmail app updated to the latest version in order to solve the issue. To update the Gmail app, open Gmail in Google play store and then click the Install button and wait till the installation process is completed.
  1. On iPhone: If you want to fix the Gmail notification not working on iPhone, then you should follow the below steps carefully.
  • Visit the Gmail official website and check the Alerts-
  1. As we all know that the iPhone is unable to give details about the failed log in, opening the Gmail website will be helpful.
  2. After logging in, search for an email or alert box that displays something like “your Gmail account is hacked” or “Gmail has blocked your log in.” If you find any email or alert box, then click on the “Review Your Devices Now” option.
  • Remove your Gmail Account from the iPhone and restore it-
  1. Firstly, remove the Gmail account from your iPhone and then restore it to fix the issue Gmail notification not working on iPhone.
  2. All the mails of a Gmail user are stored on the Gmail servers, that means the clearing and restoring of Gmail from your iPhone will not erase any mail data from the server. By restoring, all the data and settings will be automatically set to the default.
  • Check the devices logged in from your Gmail by using Gmail website-
  1. The user should check whether the multiple devices are connected to your Gmail account or not, by this you can identify the devices which are logged in and then after some time, Gmail starts loading on your device.
  • Try to reset the CAPTCHA again-
  1. If you reset the CAPTCHA, Google will remove all the security features and then the new devices can connect to the Gmail account easily.

With the above ways, the user has got the answer of how to turn on Gmail notifications in a very easy way. We are thankful to Gmail that it has provided excellent services and hence it can be referred to as an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly email service.

If you have any queries related to the issue Gmail notification not working, then you can contact Gmail customer support to solve your queries.

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