26 Oct

How to change password on google?

How can you change a Google account password?

Google services are used by a number of people by creating an account with them. At the time of registration for a Google account, you need to create a unique user name and password which is used further to access the account on various devices. Google users are recommended to change the login password from time to time for keeping their account more safe and secure. It is quite necessary for the Google account holders to remember a login password otherwise they cannot access its services. Some users might wonder how to change password on Google when need to update the existing one or at the time of replacing the forgotten one. In both cases, the Google password change procedure is different. Therefore, on this page the complete details about how to change password on Google is discussed.

Know the method to change existing Google password?

At mentioned earlier that Google users are recommended to keep changing a password timely to ensure more safety. The procedure for changing an existing password on Google is quite simple. Moreover, the people who are thinking about how to change password on Google when remember the current one, kindly follow the steps from below:

  • Go to the official website of Google then enter your ID and password
  • Further you need to press login for navigating to your Google account home page
  • Then choose the security option from the menu in your Google account home page
  • After that, you have to select the sign in option from security settings
  • Then navigate to password change tab and enter a new password in the blank field
  • At last, press save button for ending the password change task

Know the method to change a forgotten Google password?

In case you are unable to access Google services due to forgotten password and wondering how to change my Google account password, then you are in right place for collecting accurate details. Google account recovery is the best approach to reset a password that is lost by the users. Therefore, you can collect further information about how do I change my Google password when lost the current one by following the steps from below:

  • First of all, you have to access official Google website on a browser
  • Further, navigate towards the login tab and enter your registered ID
  • Then press next and you will get prompted to enter any last remembered password
  • Now you can enter any old password of same Google account or choose Try another way tab
  • Then Google will ask the permission for sending a code in your registered mobile
  • Hereafter, you have to select either call or text option to receive that code from Google
  • After receiving code in your mobile, you need to submit the same on account recovery page
  • Then Google will verify your account first and then transfer to password reset page
  • In case your registered mobile is not in use, select I don’t have my phone option
  • Then Google will ask permission for sending a code in your alternative email
  • Next you have to choose send button for receiving code in your email
  • Then access your email to copy the code and paste on account recovery widow
  • After submitting the code account is verified and password reset window will open
  • At last you can create a new Google password and change the forgotten one

Hence, Google Account password change in different scenarios, when the existing password is forgotten or when the user remember the current password are discussed on this page. Most of the time, a Google user get success in changing the password, whereas, a few times they might fail too. Therefore, Google customer service phone number live person is contactable by the users in situation of difficulty when they are not able to change the password on their own. Apart from that, Google support is also available to guide the customers regarding all types of service related details. 

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