03 Sep

Google Account Recovery Process


Google account is very simple and free webmail service in order to share your crucial information to the clients at any time. It is very easy to use on several mobile and laptop devices. It widely used on various devices like iPad, iPod, Android, Mac and much more. So while using your Android device or Windows computer you can have the internet browser to access your Google account, but if you are noticing an error and you are not able to fix. This is the situation where you are required to do the attempt to find out the solution and recover the password of your Google account simply.

What is Google account recovery?

If you are going to recover your Google account, you are going to recover your Google account, mobile, email address, and password as well. If you are not able to recover the password you can have basic help and steps to recover the password using an internet browser that will show you the password recovery page to enter the verification resources to verify your account simply and thus, you can recover the password easily.

Following are the steps helping to recover the password without facing any trouble:

    • At first, launch an internet browser and visit Google account sign-in page and try to enter the correct email address and password.
    • If you are not able to access click on the forgot password button and click on the verify button after entering the mobile phone number or alternate email address.
    • That is time to check your verification resources like a mobile phone or alternate email address.
    • Enter the verification into the given box and soon after you may notice a Google account recovery link allows entering the password into both fields.
    • Now you may enter the password in the both given box that recovers your Google account at the end of the task.

For additional help related to the Google account recovery, don't forget to contact our tech support team that will provide you basic help at any time.