05 Aug

Google Home Mini Not Working

How to fix Google home mini stopped working?

Google is a popular multinational company that produces new services and products for its users. This is one and only American company that earns profit from every part of the digital market. As we are living in a world of technology, the people are also looking for such products which further ease their work, so Google is now launching pretty smart devices for its users. Here we will talk about the Google home mini device introduced by Google. it is the top most device but it has some issues. The most common issue is Google home mini not working.

Google home mini is a smart speaker that is small in size and it is used for playing music, controls smartphone gadgets and has many other features like it is portable, wireless and interactive device. These are the pretty small devices that make most use of your time but sometimes it has issues like Google home mini not working. As it is an electronic device so it has several glitches like Wi-Fi issue, microphone problems, speakers don’t have proper sound and many more but they can be solved easily. It makes the users' work more interesting and easier.

Besides all this, we should know the reasons behind the Google home mini not working so that it becomes easy to fix the problem. Google home mini is a device that makes your work enjoyable and fun-loving. But, if you are facing issues in Google home mini due to unknown reasons then you do not have to get puzzled as we have number of ways to solve the issue. Here we will be discussing the reasons as well as solutions to the issue. 

  • The main reason behind the issue Google home mini not working is slow or weak internet connection. The deflection or poor internet connection leads to such types of issues in the Google home mini.
  • The compatibility issue is one of the reasons behind the issue of Google home mini. It is not compatible in android or iPhone devices.
  • Sometimes, the smart speaker becomes unresponsive and it is unable to detect your voice. The problem in the microphone also leads to the problem in Google home mini.
  • Many times, the speaker is connected but giving random responses which are very confusing. The other sound makes the user confused and create problem in Google home mini. This leads to such types of issues in the Google home mini.

Ways to fix Google home mini

We have introduced simple and lucid ways to solve the issue of Google home mini. If you want to fix Google home mini, then you have to follow the below steps carefully.

  • Check the internet connection: Always check the internet connection on your device and Wi-Fi. If your internet connection is not working properly then you need to contact your service provider. Check if the issue is fixed or not. 
  • Update the Google home mini-application: If Google home mini not working on any of your smartphones then you need to check the version of the application that you are using. If you have not updated then update it to the latest version. Due to the out-dated version, this problem occurs in the Google home mini.
  • Remove all the saved voices: If your speaker is unable to detect your voice then you can select to remove all the saved voices and then save your voice once again so that it can be recognized properly. Check if the issue is fixed or not. 
  • Perform factory reset: This is another way to Fix Google home mini in case if it is giving random responses. To fix the issue, you should perform factory rest. This is the good way to fix any issue that you are facing. Check if the issue is fixed or not.
  • Charge the speaker: Make sure you do not forget to charge the speaker for its non-stop assistance. Check your charger is proper or not.

With the above numerous ways, the issue in Google home mini will get solved in a very simple manner. In case, after following the above ways you still have issues in Google home mini not working then you are free to contact Google customer support that is available 24*7 in your service. The customers will get required assistance and help at any time. They will fix all your issues in no time and provide you the simple solutions to your problem.

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