03 May

How AMP Works?

AMPS stands for accelerated mobile pages, it is a very well known technology which was earlier made available by the Facebook under which it basically allowed the publishers to host the content within the infrastructure of the Facebook. By doing this, facebook’s articles get loads quickly as compared to the equivalent web page that you open in your standard mobile browser. But it was a thing of past, now the company has closed this service. Since the Facebook has closed it, the other companies like Google have created even better and more open framework which also have somewhat similar goals and that can be termed as the accelerated mobile pages.

Now the very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is how AMP works? This is basically the question that strikes in every mind who hear about this technology wondering how it is possible. So here are the answers to all the question related to the AMPS. Starting from the very basic AMP HTML are nothing new but the subset of the HTML but it consists of few extra things that are the specific javascript components. And these javascript are designed in a particular manner that does a number of jobs such as the creating, reading content. It does not allow any other form of the interaction.

More understanding of How AMP works :

  • There are some reasons to why the amps load faster, it is basically executing all the javascript AMPS asynchronously and hence it leads to the automatic upgradation of the performance.
  • The other reason for the speed of the amps is that normally the external resources such as the images or other ads, iframes etc basically state the size in the HTML while AMPS loads the whole layout of the page without even waiting for any of the resources to download.
  • It also minimizes style recalculations and hence there also the execution time is saved.

So these are the simple things that could explain the process of  How AMP works. In case you wish to know some more about the process then you can simply do that by going through a number of articles available on the net.

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