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How do I talk to a live person at McAfee?

How do I contact a live person at McAfee?

McAfee is the brand name in providing security software which is headquartered in San Jose. The corporation has become the necessity of the customers & organization to fulfill their security needs. ”McAfee customer service” is also very suitable for clearing the doubts of customers. It offers various features that facilities security considerations. But despite so many things provided, sometimes the costumes get confused regarding their oration or get stuck in the procedure. We get to consider these things in the below-mentioned detailed instructions.

How do I talk to a live person at McAfee?

  • To get a live person at McAfee customer service you need to dial 1(888)847-8766.
  • Press 4, In the first Prompt.
  • hen Press 2, and wait for a while (Typical waiting time is 3 minutes at least).
  • Now, Your call is connected to "speak to a live person at McAfee customer service".

Here's the Main Voice command you need to follow:

  • Press 1, if you are a home or home office customer.
  •  Press 2, If you are a business customer provided by Grand number.
  • In case of security alliance partner, Press 3.
  • Press 4, for Other Option.
  • Press Pound sign to Repeat Commands.

If you selected option 4, Follow the submenu commands;

  • You need to Press 1 if you know the Extension.
  • To reach a live agent Press 2.
  • Press pound in case you want to repeat this option.

How do I reach McAfee customer service?

If you are looking at “Talk to a live person at McAfee”, then you should be well-versed with the pointers mentioned below. Follow the tips carefully:

  • Dial 1(888)847-8766, the official customer service number of McAfee.
  • After you get connected online, you are required to select the language in which you are comfortable to proceed ahead.
  • Now get to hear the automated “Live Instructions”, which are regarding pressing out the menus.
  • Your call gets automatically redirected to the live representative at McAfee. You have to wait for this as the procedure might take some time to complete.
  •  Tell your queries to the live person at McAfee, and they will provide you with an effective solution. Provide the correct details of the issue as it helps in getting the queries faster & understandable for the live representatives of McAfee.

How to contact the live person of McAfee through Phone?


Sometimes people are not satisfied with the details mentioned above and now find out how to conduct the “Talk to a live person at McAfee”, Then don’t worry, pick your phone & dial the number. After some minutes, your call gets automatically redirected to the representative. As the call gets connected to the live person, you can directly ask your queries & doubts, which need to be adequately considered.

McAfee Customer Service Phone Numbers:

  • McAfee customer service phone number 1-888-847-8766.
  • For Home & Home Office McAfee Support 1-866-622-3911.
  • To Corporate Sales 1-888-847-8766.
  • For Emergency Incident Response 1-877-913-6863.
  • For Tech Support of McAfee: 1-800-937-2237.

McAfee support e-mail
You can send an email to McAfee Support via sales@mcafee.com

McAfee Weblinks:

⦁ McAfee Website: MacAfee official link

⦁ McAfee customer service could be contacted via McAfee Facebook page

⦁ You can also reach McAfee support via the McAfee Twitter page

⦁ You can view the latest McAfee videos on the McAfee Youtube page

McAfee Online Chat:

McAfee doesn't offer live chat Support, Only the best way to reach a live representative of McAfee is to dial 1-888-847-8766.

Know the Customer Service Hours of McAfee:

If you are looking to “Talk to a live person at McAfee”, then you should consider the time in which the live representatives remain available, and your issue can also be resolved. Customers are advised to contact them in the non-peak hours as in the peak hours they are pretty busy and unable to respond.

McAfee Tech Support Phone Numbers

North America/Latin America/Asia

+44 175 361 1499
Europe/Middle East

Business Customer Service:
USA and Canada

USA and Canada (Technical Support)

+61 180 007 3267
Australia (SaaS Customers)

+85 280 096 2443
Hong Kong

+9118 003 000 2656


+6 138 699 9200
Australia (Melbourne)

+6 129 761 4200
Australia (Sydney)

+1 905 754 3700

+86 105 951 0600
China (Beijing)

+867 558 282 5003
China (Shenzhen)

+3 314 762 5600

+49 893 7070
Germany (München and Ratingen)

+8 522 824 8229
Hong Kong

+91 806 656 9000
India (Bangalore)

+91 226 260 1300
India (Mumbai)

+35 321 467 2000

+390 255 4171

+52 555 089 0250

+656 222 7555

+88 628 729 9222

+662 648 6001

+44 175 361 1000

+3 380 554 2633
France (Business)

+49 800 664 7628
Germany (Business)

+3 980 090 2644
Italy (Business)

+6318 001 441 0475

+65 800 448 1657

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