21 Feb

How to fix AOL Server down Issues

AOL Server Down? Fix it now!

AOL is a free web-based email service which is powered by AOL; it is blessed with virus protection, spam protection, spell checking, and email attachment of 25 MB. DNS or Domain Name System allows a website IP address to be remembered easily by identifying it with words (www.abc.com). The ISP usually provides this service. Remove your local DNS cache if you have an issue with the AOL server – AOL server down. It will make sure that your ISP has the most recent cache. Here we go with the techniques of fixing this issue by removing the local DNS cache.

    • Clear local DNS cache
    • Open the Start menu
    • And launch the Command Prompt. Next type "ipconfig/flushdns"
    • Press the Enter key
    • Refresh the site

One simple and effective thing you can do is to press Ctrl + F5 on your web browser and refresh for the site. It will take a couple of seconds and resolve your issue. This is how to fix AOL Server down issues.

Clear the temporary cache and cookies

The removal of temporary cache and cookies is a best way to deal with the concerned problem. Temporary cache and cookies may insist the AOL server not to perform. So, you are suggested to clear the temporary cache and cookies in order to fix the problem.

Update your web browser

Are you using the most recent version of the web browser? If no, go for an upgrade and get the most recent version! It is a great way to deal with server related issues and it will also help you for how to fix AOL Server down issues.

Talk to the Tech support engineers

Is your AOL server down after implementing the above-listed troubleshooting steps? No worries! We have another great way by which you can settle the problem. The tech support engineers elected by AOL are ready to welcome you if you contact them via phone support or chat support. However, the email support is another genuine method to make a conversation with tech support engineers. This is how to fix AOL Server down issues.

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