21 Sep

How to Fix ,Blue Screen Error?

How do I fix, Blue screen error in windows 10

Errors have been a part of every user’s life ever since the digital world has come into action. Computers are considered to be such devices that make users’ work easy and efficient. Also, they have received quite a good response for helping users in their work and have come up with various computer devices. At the same time, it is quite natural for users to face issues and errors when using computers. 

And when you see the blue screen getting displayed in front of you then it is evident that users will get puzzled as to how to get away with it. We understand that users might question how to resolve computer blue screen error and if you have ended with us then you shall be assured. This is the place where you will get to know about the causes and their resolutions. 

Causes of Users Facing Computer Blue Screen! 

Before you proceed to get rid of the issue, you should be checking the reasons which caused you blue screen error and stopped you from working. All the possible reasons are mentioned further in this article. 

  1. The first reason that causes you this issue is when your computer gets affected with viruses and spyware. 

  2. Another reason can be when downloading any application on your computer, those applications were not completely downloaded and the version that you downloaded came up with some issues that lead to computer blue screen error and make hindrances. 

  3. If your computer is connected with any external peripherals like printer, scanner, secondary monitors, etc then you may face the issue because of them. 

  4. Also, when upgrading your Windows to its latest version, the download was not completed properly then it can lead to such an error which leads to cause issues and one which is this. 


 When you come to know the reasons behind causing computer blue screen error that leaves you clueless then you also seek resolutions for the same. Hence, to get away with this issue, here are discussed some resolutions to fix your issue. 

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Computer Blue Screen Error! 

  1. Start by looking into the antivirus applications and take its help to remove the viruses and spyware that has caused blue screen error and created problems. These antivirus applications will be helping users to combat the spyware that has led to a blue screen error on your computer. 

  2. Check the applications that you have recently downloaded whether it has completed the download. If not then you can check the versions and download it once again by deleting the incomplete download and downloading the completed one. 

  3. If your computer device is connected with external peripherals like printers, scanners, secondary monitors, etc then remove them from getting connected with your computer. 

  4. Check the Windows version that you happen to have updated. Whether the download is complete or not. If not then you can delete the file that has been incompletely downloaded. Then download the complete updated version. 

With the above tips, you come to know about the blue screen error in Windows 10 fix effortlessly. But, if your issue did not resolve then you are free to get in touch with Windows customer support. 

Contacting Windows Customer Support to Resolve Issues! 

The users who are still facing the issues and are unable to resolve their blue screen error issues then he is always welcomed to contact Windows customer support. The customer support is made available on various platforms to help users resolve the issues. And some of these platforms are online tech support using the chat system, toll-free helpline number, or the email option. These platforms even give assistance which is free of cost. Let us discuss the ways to contact Windows customer support. 


  1. Windows Toll-free Number: This is the toll-free helpline number which is 24/7 active to help users. 

  2. Windows Chat Support: Another platform that will be resolving your issue on the spot is made available on the official website or the email support.   

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