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Canon Printer Error 5100

Guide to Fix Error 5100 in Canon Printers: Brief Guide

Canon is one of the most trusted and reliable tech manufactures across the world. Its devices are trusted by millions of users all around the world and gain benefits from all kinds of devices that are dedicatedly designed for both personal and professional usage. Now, when it comes to Conon printers, the devices are well equipped with all modern technologies and they are manufactured for both home and office usages including dedicated features.

However, there are times when users have reported Canon Printer Error 5100 in their printing devices that not only hampers their work flow but also put their machines at risks. If you have been a Canon user and have been facing such an issue in your device then here’s what you need to know to fix it.

An Overview on the Printer Error 5100: Canon

The Canon Printer Error 5100 is basically associated with the Canon printer’s ink cartridges. If there is anything wrong with your printer’s ink cartridges due to nay malfunction then you will see the error 5100 on your computer screen. However, this error usually occurs on all Canon printers but canon All-in-one inkjet printers and PIXMA model series.

What Are the Canon Printers That Are Affected By Error 5100?

As mentioned earlier, All-in-one printers (Multifunction printer) are usually get affected by this error but there are certain specific model series that are usually affected by error 5100. The following are the major printer models on which the Canon Printer Error 5100 usually occurs.

E410,E500,E510,E610,G2000,JX210P,IP2770, IP1300, IP1700,IP1800,IP1880,IP1900, IP1980,IP2700, IP2772,IP2870, IX6560,MP258,MX410,MP280,MX430,MP287,MX432,MP450,MX439,MP470,MX4520,MG257,MP490,MX472,MG4250,MP600,MX490,MP145,MX310,MX492,MP160,MX340,MX497,MP230,MX360,MX535,MP237,MX377,MX870,MP250,MX397,MX922.

So, what to do now to fix Canon Printer Error 5100 and what major steps can be taken to get rid of this common issue? Here’s how you can do this.

Simple Solutions to Fix Error 5100 in Canon Printers

You can follow the simple solutions mentioned below to get rid of the Canon printer error 5100 in your printers.

Solution 1: Check If Paper Is Not Jammed Inside the Printer

    • Remove the printer output cover or printer head and then see if there is no paper stuck inside the device
    • Next, remove the back panel of the device and then see whether the paper is stuck inside or not in Canon printer error 5100.
    • Now, simply insert a new paper inside the paper tray or feeder tray and then turn on the printer to see if the issue still persists

Solution 2: Reset Your Canon Printer

      • Turn off your Canon device using its power key or detach its power cord and data cable to resolve Canon printer error 5100.
      • Wait for 10-15 minutes, plug-in all cords in the printer and turn-on the device
      • You can also try other solutions in order to fix this Canon issue such as the following:
      • Check printer’s cartridges
      • Clean up the printer’s insides, printing strip/encoder
      • Reset the ink absorber

Solution 3: Check Printer Cartridge Fitting

There ink cartridge in the Canon printer which is responsible for Canon printer error 5100. In some cases inappropriately set ink cartridge to prevent the printer from working appropriately and it might trigger Error 5100. You have to reseat the printer cartridge appropriately to determine this error. To reseat the cartridge, keep your printer on and follow the steps.

        • Open Front Panel, As You Open The Front Panel Cartridge Will Move Automatically and Stop At Replacement Position. In Some Canon Model Replacement Position Is In The Middle Of The Printer and In Some, It Is The Right Side Of The Printer. On the off chance that In Your Printer, Replacement Position is In the Right Side of the Printer Then a Separate Cartridge Cover Will Open. Presently Turn Off The Printer.
        • When The Cartridge Holder Stops At Replacement Position Then Push Down The Cartridge Until It Clicks.
        • Now take Out the Cartridge.
        • I. Again Reseat the Cartridge at It Place and Make Sure It Has Reseated Properly.
          II. Close The Front Cover and Check If It’s Work.

Solution 3: Clean the dust of Printer

        • On the off chance that we don't keep our printer spotless and away from dust, flotsam and jetsam and ink, it might trigger blunders Canon printer error 5100. Cleaning your printer may fix the mistake. You should attempt to clean your printer intermittently. To clean printer first turn it off.
        • Take a marginally dump material and clean the outside of the printer. To clean interior side use build up free garments and scouring liquor, use with delicate hand. Don’t powerfully move any equipment. On the off chance that you need you can utilize handheld vacuum cleaner or air can to clean.

Moreover, if you are still unable to fix Canon Printer Error 5100 then it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with the tech support experts to get professional assistance on fixing the issue.

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