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Computer not booting,How to fix?

A complete guide on the causes and fixes for boot-up issues in the computer

Computers are commonly used everywhere, whether it is a school, office or any other organization. As the users of computers are more, so as its issues. You might encounter issues related to hardware or software of the computer. The most commonly reported issue in computers is, computers not booting. If it does not boot up, it means several files and programs are not executed properly. When the computer is not booting, you won't be able to access the operating system, and further, all the tasks will be affected. There could be many reasons for this issue. To know the possible reasons and fixes for the issue of booting, you can refer to the info provided in this article.

Common reasons for booting issue

When you have an issue of Computer not booting, it could be due to several reasons. Some of the causes that result in the booting issue are mentioned below. You can have a look and check for the reason of not booting on your computer:

  • Power cables: Sometimes the faulty power cables are responsible for the booting issue in computers.

  • Insertion points: Other than the cables, the USB ports and other insertion points on the computer might affect the working. If any of the ports are faulty, it will result in the issue.

  • Power supply: When the computer is not booting, there might be some issue with the power supply. The power failure also results in the booting issue in computers.

  • Motherboard failure: There could be a failure in the motherboard also. Whenever there is an issue with the motherboard, it will affect the CPU, and then the whole working of the computer is impacted.

  • Hard drive failure: Sometimes, when there is a hard drive failure in the system, it will not allow the system to boot.

  • Software issues: When the operating system is corrupted, or there is an issue while installing any software.

There could be any other causes also for Computer not booting issue. So, before proceeding for the fixes, you must know about all the possible causes.

Fixes for computer booting issue

If your computer is not working due to the boot issue, it's time to resolve the issue. To make the computer work properly if you want to know how to fix the computer not booting, you can try out the fixes mentioned below:

  • You need to check for the power cables if any of the cables are faulty or broken, you need to replace it. Without proper power, the system won't start or boot.

  • Along with the power cables, you must check the power source also. Sometimes, the extensions used for power are the cause, so you can directly insert the power cable into the socket.

  • The cable connections must not be loose, as it can cause a short circuit or electric faults. Due to loose connections, the computer won't work or boot.

  • If the cable ports are damaged or faulty, you need to check for the jack points. If anything is faulty, you must get it checked.

  • When the power socket is faulty, you can get it checked and change the power socket for the computer. Another socket might resolve the issue.

  • You must check for the motherboard also when the issue of computer not booting is there. 

  • You also need to check for the working of the monitor, as without video signals, the computer won't be able to boot or startup.

  • You can also try unplugging all the unnecessary cables and USB devices to check the working of your computer.

  • In the hardware issues, you can reseat the hardware of the CPU. If you have some knowledge, you can open it by yourself or contact the technical support.

  • There could be a possibility of the virus also. So, you need to use a virus scan CD and use it to remove the virus from the system.

  • You also have the option to boot your computer in a safe mode. In most of the cases, the issue gets resolved by this method.

After all these troubleshooting steps and fixes, if computer not booting issue is still there, you can contact the technical support.

Online tech support

To resolve your issues related to computer and its working, you can contact online computer tech support. The online option is suitable because you don't have to take your computer to any other place. All your queries will be resolved online and within no-time. Nowadays, the users of computer understand the value of time, so they find it easy and preferable to go for online tech support. 

Here are some important factors that must be considered while choosing an online computer tech support:

  • Tech services

  • Quality of support

  • Pricing

  • Experienced technicians

  • Customized support

When you don't have any clue about how to fix the computer not booting, you can get in touch with us and resolve all your queries. We value your time as well as money, so our services are available 24x7 on different platforms at affordable prices. Our technicians are well-trained and can resolve all the computer issues quickly.

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