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Hotmail not working,How to fix

How to resolve Hotmail not working issues?

Hotmail (now Outlook) is one of the first email services owned by Microsoft Corporation. Started in the 1990s, it is still one of the most popular mailing services. Hotmail is known for its fast processing, high security, and account recovery features. However, sometimes problems can arise due to technical or non-technical faults that may lead to Hotmail, not working issues. If you are facing the same kind of issues too, read ahead to learn how to fix them.

Possible reasons that might lead to Hotmail not working issues

When your Hotmail stops working all of a sudden, it might create trouble for you. You will face difficulty in sending and receiving mails that can be a barrier in your work. Some of the possible reasons for this issue can be:

  • When the server is down
  • Network connectivity or instability issues
  • Incompatibility of Hotmail with the web browser
  • Intruding activities by the hackers into your Hotmail account
  • Entering incorrect username or password
  • Excessive cache and cookies problems
  • Due to improper configuration

Common issues arising with Hotmail not working/Responding:

  • Crashing of Hotmail 2021
  • Hotmail Not Responding Today
  • Hotmail stopped working suddenly
  • Hotmail not opening Today
  • Freezing of www.Hotmail.com
  • Hotmail not signing in 2021
  • Hotmail Password Recovery
  • Forget Hotmail id and/ or password
  • Hotmail not sending emails
  • Hotmail not receiving emails

How to solve the Hotmail not working issue?

If you find any of the above reasons in your Hotmail account too, you can resolve them through some easy methods. Below are some of the straightforward solutions through which you can fix your Hotmail account. 

  • Check the server settings and status

First of all, check the server status. If the server is down, Hotmail will not work. Therefore, it is crucial to check your server status and configure the server settings if the server is down.

  • Check the compatibility of your browser and Hotmail account

Sometimes, when your Hotmail account is not compatible with the browser you are using, you will face the Hotmail not working issue. Therefore, you need to check your web browser first. To resolve the browser-related issues, follow the steps below:

  • Delete the browsing history
  • Remove the cookies
  • Reset your browser or try another one
  • Configure Network Settings

Check whether there is a proper internet connectivity. If there is an unstable or no network connection, reboot your internet connecting device. Connect the internet again and try reloading Hotmail.

  • Make sure to enter a correct username and password

You can also face Hotmail not working issues due to some sign-in errors. Therefore, ensure that you are entering the correct log-in credentials while signing into your account.

  • Take measures to secure your account

Sometimes, due to some malicious activities by intruders or hackers, your account might not respond. To prevent such happenings, make sure to secure your Hotmail account. Make strong login passwords and be cautious of spam and fake mails.


A simple process to fix Hotmail login not working:

Many of the Hotmail users found it difficult to Login to the account because of outdated version of the browser and accumulated history of cache and cookies.

But this type of issue can be easily fixed if we have the proper awareness of the process to fix Hotmail Login not working. Here find the complete set of steps to fix this issue of cannot sign into Hotmail.

Some general steps to fix Hotmail Login not working

These are the simple, basic methods to fix the issue of Hotmail Login not working. So be careful while reading the steps of cannot sign into Hotmail.

Check Outlook service:-

Hotmail can only be access through Outlook only, to make sure the service has no downtime till it gets fixed. Server gives the access to use mail accounts 

Check web browser:-

  • Before signing in to the account of Hotmail, you should make sure that you are using the updated version of the browser.
  • Clear cache and cookies from the browser to avoid such type of issues.
  • You should enable the Java script in the browser.
  • Sometime the third party add-ons and extensions could also be the reason behind the problems you are facing in order to log into the Hotmail account. Try to disable these add-ons and extensions.

Check Password:-

  • Password is case sensitive while entering so make sure that the CAPS lock is turned off.
  • You are not repeating any error while typing the mail id.
  • Sometime the account cannot be accessed if it is not used in the last 365 days.

Hotmail account might get blocked

  • Microsoft took care of the concerned about the high security of its users. As soon as it detects any suspicious threat in Hotmail account, it will block the address.
  • You may be asked to provide the identity to unblock the person from the Microsoft.

 Device and location

  • To prevent any infiltration to the Hotmail account or to keep safe, Microsoft keeps checking on the device and location always that you use to Login to the account.
  • If the user suddenly changes the device and location then there are possibilities that the user may face some log in problems.

Speak to someone about my Hotmail account:

Email services are a very important part of daily communication. Disruption in them can create a lot of trouble. However, if you are using Hotmail, with the above steps, you can fix your Hotmail not working issue with ease. All the professionals have the expertise to tackle all these types of problems of What do I do if I can't access my Hotmail account?

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