30 Nov

Dell Laptop Touchpad not working

How to fix when Dell Laptop Touchpad not working?
Laptops have become an integral part of every user's life. And with the introduction of such electronic machines, it has made people work efficiently, save time and also have new features for the users. There are a lot of other laptop companies which have introduced new features
in their machines and also compete with each other in the digital market. The companies are Acer, Samsung, HCL, Dell etc.

And if you are a Dell laptop user then you can be assured as you have the right laptop which offers the best options and functions to its users. Also, they are known for an affordable price, sleek and lightweight etc with the maximum durability for the users. But, nothing in this world works without flaws so if you are facing issues like Dell laptop touchpad not working then you shall not panic. The issue can be fixed if you follow below-mentioned steps.

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Dell Laptop Touchpad Issue!

There can be many reasons which can lead to such a problem. But this is just a small one which can be resolved by following ways!

  • First of all, check if your laptop is responding properly or not. It might be possible that your laptop is hanged due to which nothing along with Dell Laptop touchpad not working issue arises. And this can be done by typing anything on the file. if that does not work then hold the power button to restart the laptop.
  • Another reason which can lead to such an issue is the operating system is not responding. And this can be handled by closing all the apps from task manager which can come by tapping Ctrl Del +shift Key and close all the apps.
  • One reason can be that the pointer is locked. And this can be resolved by tapping Fn key with F7. Doing so will unlock the touchpad and mouse pointer will start to function normally.

Hence, with the help of the above steps, one can fix his Dell laptop touchpad not working issue. For any further information, you are free to contact customer service.



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