29 Apr

How to recover Gmail Password

Two ways to recover Gmail password

Google enables its account users to set recovery options like recovery phone number, security questions, and secondary email address. Hence, it is not a hard-hitting job to recover a lost or hacked account. Also, Google has a responsive and user-friendly account security department which helps the unfortunate users to get their lost account back. Find how to recover Gmail password in two different ways. Today we will talk about the account recovery via security questions and recovery phone number. First, we will discuss account recovery via security questions, and then Gmail password recovery via SMS.

Answer security questions to recover your Gmail password

  • Open your preferred web browser and launch the official Account Recovery page of Gmail
  • It will insist you to choose I don’t know my password
  • After that enter your Gmail address then, Click on Continue
  • Navigate to the Verify your identity section
  • Here you will need to answer the set of security questions associated to your account
  • Try to provide accurate answers as much as you can
  • The accuracy of your provided answers will insist Google give you the chance of setting a new password
  • Make a new password and enter it
  • Confirm the new password by entering it for the second time
  • Recover your Gmail password

Get a text message to recover your Gmail password

Type https//g.co/recover in the browsing bar of your web browser and open Google’s official account recovery help page. For Gmail password recovery via SMS, you will be insisted to enter the recovery phone number. Then you need to enter the email address that is required to be recovered and hit the Next icon. Google will then ask you to send a verification code to the entered mobile number. Allow Google by clicking on Yes. You will shortly get a verification code which is actually a one-time password; enter it to make your Gmail account login. Set a new password after you logged into the account.

How to recover Gmail password without a phone number?

Don’t you have any recovery information? You may still be able to find your Google account username if you have recently used your email account in your web browser. It is a useful technique if your username and password are similar. Search Inbox or sent items in your web browser history. It is most likely to reveal your username which is similar to the password. We are also going to tell you the steps for recovering Gmail password via email address and via security questions. Let’s explore how to recover Gmail password without phone number here.

Recover Gmail password via the secondary email address or security questions

  • Firstly Open Google’s Account Recovery page
  • Choose I don’t know my password
  • Enter your Gmail address
  • Click on Continue
  • Invite Google to send a recovery link to your secondary email address
  • Else, go to the Verify your identity section and answer to the security questions
  • Enter a new password twice
  • Recover your Gmail password without using the recovery phone number

Don’t you have access to your recovery email, phone, or other option?
You may still be able to recover Gmail account password if you don’t have your recovery email, phone, or other option in your access. Manually verifying your identity is the thing suggested to you in this regard. This is another reliable way of how to recover Gmail password without phone number. Visit the Google Account Recovery page, enter your email address, and click on Continue. Click on I don’t know and choose the Verify your identity option. Then you will be insisted to answer a set of questions. Answer to these questions to the best of your knowledge and get the account access back.

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