17 May

Can I recover my Yahoo account using Facebook?

Recover your Yahoo account through Facebook

One of the most important digital archives these days is your Yahoo account. Not only does it help you to connect with people professionally, but it also holds and stores important information. Most of the digital data you share through your email, be it files or media, is stored in your email memory. You use this service to get access to other services as well, and when you lose access to your email, things can become very problematic. 

How to recover a Yahoo account using Facebook?

Although there are many ways you can use to recover your account, most of them require details such as the password you used to create your account. And if it has been a long time since you have used those specifics, logging back into your account becomes difficult. Luckily, one more method still exists. You can recover your Yahoo account using Facebook because, as mentioned earlier, you access many services using your email id, and Facebook happens to be one of them. 

  • Visit the Facebook sign-in page.

  • Once you log in, you need to search ‘Yahoo mail’ in the search tab.

  • A new page showing Yahoo-related information will open. Select the ‘Use App Key’ on the page and click the sign-in box to reach the Yahoo login page.

  • This page will show all the yahoo addresses associated with your Facebook account. If your required account is not visible, click the ‘Add Account’ button and type the address of your desired account.

  • Select the account and click the ‘I don’t remember the password’ button. Select the password recovery option.

  • Select the recovery method as per the options available to you. The best would be to use the number you used when creating the account.

  • Either use the registered number or the alternate number you provided at the time of email creation.

  • The website will send an OTP to this number to recover Yahoo account using Facebook services associated with this account.

  • Enter the OTP on the login page and create a new password. 

After creating a new password, close this page and move to the Yahoo login page again. Now enter the email id you just recovered and the new password you just created. You will see that now you can easily login into this account.Please note that this method will only work if you have used the Yahoo account you wish to recover when creating your Facebook account. Your account must be linked with Facebook; otherwise, this method would fail.

In case you have not used the associated phone number in quite a while, you can also use the alternate email method to recover the Yahoo account in question. Instead of using the phone number option, select the ‘Recovery through alternate email address option. To recover your Yahoo account using Facebook, make sure that you have access to this account. For the procedure to work, your associated phone number or your selected email address, any one of them should work. This is to make sure you receive the OTP sent by the recovery team.


For more options and additional queries, visit the Yahoo support page and drop your query. 

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