03 May

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox?


Mozilla Firefox is one of the very famous browsers that is the prime choice of the number of users of the computing devices since it has a number of alluring features that make it extremely important to have. To use this browser you have to, first of all, install it from the official site just in case you do not already have it on your device. Now once you download it and install it then you can set or even Mozilla firefox reset according to your choice of browsing.

Now sometimes it happens that the home page of your browser suddenly get some unwanted toolbar or it changes in some other manner then in all those cases you have to go for Mozilla firefox reset. And the process of doing so is not that tough, you just need to have the right knowledge of doing so.

Steps for Mozilla Firefox Reset :

  • In the very first step, you have to click on the icon that is basically a three line stack mentioned at the top right corner of the browser.

  •  Now once you have clicked on that option then you just need to select the question mark icon from the drop-down menu.

  • Followed by selecting the troubleshooting information on to the slide menu.
  • And then you just need to select the Mozilla firefox reset button and then you have to click on the reset firebox option into the window that appears for the confirmation of the reset.
  • So as you do so your browser will become a fresh browser and hence now you can do all the settings of the browser according to your choice in just no time.

So the above-mentioned steps are the answer to how to reset Mozilla Firefox, just in case you are still unable to do so then you need not have to take any tension since the techies of the company are always there to help you out in all possible ways for Mozilla firefox reset service.