14 Apr

How to Reset Yahoo Password?

Lost your Yahoo! Account? Just throw all your worries! We have brought immensely powerful ways to get back the lost password. Stick with us for a while and learn the techniques of reset Yahoo password via secondary phone number and secondary email address. Here is how you can regain the access to your lost account.


Open Yahoo, and Sign-in Helper page

Enter your Yahoo email address (no need to include the @yahoo.com part) or phone number on this page, and hit [Continue]

You will be redirected to the password reset page


Yahoo Password Recovery by recovery phone number 

Select [Yes, text me an Account Key] under [Do you have access to this phone?]

Choose [I don't have access to this phone] if you are unable to receive text messages

The Yahoo management will allow you to get back the lost password by any other option

You will receive an account key by text within a few minutes

It is needed to be entered if you have the accessibility of this number

Click [Verify] to recover Yahoo Password


Yahoo Password Recovery by secondary email address

 Navigate to [Do you have access to this email?] if you have a secondary email address

Click [Yes, send me an Account Key] under this section

If you think some other is reading your emails, click on [I don't have access to this email]

Open the [Verify that you have access to this email] window

Type the account key you have received from Yahoo management

Click Verify


There are instances when the user doesn’t have either a secondary phone number or email address. No need to get worried if you are among them. You will be able to change the password by just dialing the Yahoo support phone number which can be called anytime. You may have to provide some information about your Yahoo! Mail address book to the Yahoo support team members and easily reset your Yahoo password.

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