15 Nov

How To Reset Zoho Mail Password

A summary on the procedure to reset the Zoho email password

Zoho email is an email service provided by Zoho office suite. It is an office suite which is available online and comprises of databases, spreadsheets, word processing and many more facilities are there. Zoho has open API for its products. Its plugins are also available in some products of Microsoft Office suite. It also comprises of templates for the websites and mobile websites. Zoho has incorporated their some applications with the online suite of Google Apps.

How to Reset Zoho Mail Password

Zoho provides the email service to be used in the Zoho products. Many products of Zoho require email address for the access. The username and password needs to be used while using the service. In case, if a user is not able to sign-in to the Zoho account, it can be due lost/forgotten password or username. In most of the cases, password is forgotten. In order to know how to reset Zoho mail password, follow the steps listed below:

  • There are various options of password reset and the users also vary in that. There are different categories of the users such as Admin, Users and Super admin.
  • For each of the Zoho users, password reset process is different and in order to reset the password in any of the cases, different procedures are followed.
  • The user needs to visit the Zoho CRM Sign-in page by visiting the website.
  • Then the link saying ‘Forgot password’ is clicked. The system will redirect the user to the Zoho accounts page.
  • After entering the page, the user will land on the Zoho accounts page of email.
  • On that page, it will ask for the email ID and the user is required to enter registered email address that was mentioned in the Account information.
  • Then, an image text option is there. The user needs to enter the captcha code in the field that is displayed in the box.
  • After that, the button with ‘Request’ written on that is clicked. It will result in an automated email that is sent to the provided email address.
  • The user needs to visit the Zoho email account and go the email that is just received.
  • In that email, the user clicks on link ‘here’.
  • It will redirect the user to the Zoho Accounts Password reset page in the Zoho CRM and after that Zoho mail password recovery process is followed.
  • Then, the password reset page is prompted on the screen of the user. The user needs to enter the new password that is required.
  • After entering the new password, it will ask to confirm it. Once confirmed, the new password is generated.
  • The new password that is generated by the user will now be updated to all the Zoho accounts.
  • In order to check whether the new password is saved or not, the user needs to sign-in to all the Zoho services.

Zoho Mail Password Reset Number

If the user still faces any issue, Zoho mail password reset number can be dialed. The technical executive in the Zoho customer service will help the user in resolving the issue or providing the best solution to any of the queries. The contact information of Zoho technical support is available on the official website of the Zoho company.


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