30 Mar

Laptop Repair Near Me

If Laptop isn't functioning properly, All you need to know

What can be worse than you tapping on computer screen but it is not responding. Without it responding, laptop is of no use. Laptop is the most important device as all the professional and personal work can be performed by that. If your laptop device is not responding or functioning properly then go to laptop repair near me there can be certain reasons behind that. Follow the listed troubleshoot in order to fix it.

How to Fix laptop is not functioning properly ?

Try these hacks and tips in order to make your laptop function stop can stop functioning die to many reason like

  • Bad hardware drive
  • Dirt and dust
  • Bad connection
  • Wrong settings

Of any of these problem your laptop has then follow these

  • Update laptop keyboard driver- in order to perform this press start and then enter device manager. Device manager icon will appear on your screen , browse he list of devices then expand the list and right click the keyboard device in order to select properties then driver. Click on update driver and wait your device to respond.
  • Laptop keyboard not working- cleaning standard  keyboard cannot be an easy task but cleaning laptop keyboard can be even tougher as it require certain amount of physical interaction while this can be very simple if some with USB and make sure to clean all the dust and air from the keyboard. User can also take help of compressed air in order to clean it.
  • Replace faulty keyboard-  In case keyboard has become disconnected from motherboard or became physically damaged then go to  laptop repair near me or user  need to keep it aside and replace it . keyboard is very essential so the laptop to function . also note that keyboard are sealed units p it is better get it in clean state.
  • Keyboard settings- if user is having certain trouble with some keys then it is possible that it can be due to certain keys. In order to reconfigure your keyboard keys press windows+ I then select time and language then  region and then add language press on next and install

These were the following ways to fix laptop keyboard if any more problem is there go to laptop repair near me the  do not hesitate to contact customer care service or go to website help desk and get help.

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