29 Mar

How to Update Google Play Store

Get simple advice on how to update Google Play Store

Google play store is one of the best resources to access your app. It helps to download and install on your Android device simply. If you are using your Google play store but looking for the assistance then you must have to click on the settings and click on the Google play store that will help you in all respects. After that, if raising the question in your mind that how to update Google play store, you should calm down and contact techies who will assure to get the issue fixed in less than no time simply.

Here we go with simple tips on how to update Google Play Store:

  • At first, you are required to sign in your Google account and enter the correct email address and password.
  • Now select the Google play store on your device and click on the settings button and move to the next.
  • Select the update button and then click on the settings and refresh button to start the process.
  • Having clicked on the update button you can simply select the refresh button that helps to select the latest version of Google play store.
  • Now click on the download button and then tap on the install button and read the instructions carefully.
  • After that click on the done button and enter the correct new password into the field at the end of the task.

It is hoped now you have got your Google play in the new form after updating it with the new latest Google play store. 

How to update Google Play Store manually

This guide will show you how to update google play store manually if you're using an older version of Google Play Store app on your phone. Below are the steps for how to update google play store manually:-

  • First of all launch the Play Store app and tap the menu button at the top of the screen.
  • Next scroll down and click "Settings" option.
  • After that tap the "Play Store version" or "Build Number" option under About section.
  • Play Store will automatically download and install it in the background if an update is available. Or you will see a prompt box saying that Google Play Store is up to date.

We hope that the above steps helped you for how to update google play store services.

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