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Hulu not working on Roku, How to fix an issue?

Why does Hulu not work on Roku and a few solutions to fix it?

Are you looking for the solutions to fix Hulu not working with Roku error? Hulu users often face issues while using its streaming service on a Roku device, however, it can happen due to various reasons. This Hulu error on Roku is quite disturbing too, and users may wonder about the reasons for creating this error. Well in such a case, this page is the perfect platform for receiving explicit knowledge about why Hulu is not working properly with Roku and what techniques help fix the problem.  Therefore, go through the data given below for understanding the reasons causing Hulu not working on Ruku error plus learn about its solutions.

Why is Hulu not working on Roku?

Knowing the reasons behind a problem is much required before moving towards its solutions. Hence, a list of most common reasons due to which Hulu not working on Roku is given below:

  • Internet issue
  • Hulu is not updated to latest version
  • Roku device is not supporting Hulu app

What are the methods to fix Hulu not working problem?

There are some techniques which can help to fix the Hulu not working on Roku problem quite efficiently. Hence, learn about such solutions as discussed below:

Troubleshoot playback issue:

  • Unplug Roku and wait for a minute
  • Then plug-in Roku again and open settings
  • Next go to system then power option from settings
  • Now choose system restart tab and wait
  • Then try to re-open Hulu app again

Re-add Hulu channel:

  • Firstly, click start button on Roku remote
  • Next, choose remove channel option
  • Then, open the channel store on Roku
  • Find Hulu from the list and re-add it

System update:

  • Go to the Home screen and open settings
  • Then navigate to the system tab and open it
  • Next, choose System update button
  • Now click “check now” button and wait
  • Hereafter try opening Hulu app again

Soft reset Roku:

  • Firstly press home button on Roku remote 5 times
  • Next press Up first then rewind button twice
  • Now press the fast forward button twice and wait
  • Lastly, open Hulu app and check its working or not

Hard reset Roku:

  • Open the settings of your  Roku device
  • Then go to system and click Advance settings
  • Next, select Factory reset and open its settings
  • Then press yes for the factory reset and wait
  • Once Roku is reset successfully try opening Hulu

Therefore, a few most reliable methods to fix Hulu not working on Roku error are as explained above. Firstly you can try fixing the Hulu not working error on Roku with the help of these solutions. If still the error exists, you can get help of a technical expert from Roku support team. You will surely receive the most genuine help from the customer support team of Roku for fixing any kind of problem.


Paul A Woodruff
2020-08-30 12:04:09

how do i get my activation code

Kathleen Dobson
2020-10-28 17:38:24

Need to update account

2020-10-29 11:22:15

Hey, @Katheleen, Offcourse you can update your account in some simple steps, 1.Log into your Account page on a web browser. 2.Locate the section Your Subscription. 3.Select Manage Plan next to Hulu Base Plan. Under Plans, your current plan will be highlighted in green. ... 4.Select Review Changes to confirm. Hope it would help you. If you are still in trouble then connect to a technician at +1(802)722-2 574 active 24X7.

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