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Internet is connected but not working

How to fix if Internet is connected but not working:

Internet is very important today. We highly depend on the internet. However sometime we connect to the internet and it shows that the connection has been stabled abut still the internet does not work. This can be a very disturbing situation. If you are facing the issue where Wi-Fi / Internet Connected but not working then do not get anxious. You may try some possible different fixes and then only you can identify right one. Here is some guidance on tested options that’ll help to fix
wifi connected but not working Reasons that affect the Internet connection:

1. Network issue
2. Glitches
3. Issue with Adapter
4. Modem and router problem
5. DNS cache
6. IP address conflicts
7.Outdated Network driver

Troubleshooting Steps to fix Wi-Fi Connection not working:

• Restart

The easiest way to solve issue with connection is to restart your computer. This will solve any minor glitches that might be there. It will also clear bad settings that might be preventing internet from working.

• Modem and router

Another way to fix internet problem is by restarting your modem and router. You can unplug the cord connecting them and then wait for a few minutes. Then you can plug it again and check if the internet starts working.

• Reset network

You can also do a soft reset or hard reset on your network. To perform soft reset you can long press the power button given in front of router.   Hard reset will restore network to its factory settings. To do it you can press long press reset button on the back of the modem.

• Ethernet cable

To fix Internet Connected but not working issue you can connect your computer to your router or modem with an Ethernet cable. This will speed up the Internet and also tell you if the issue is with your Internet or wireless reception.

• Clear DNS cache

DNS cache can also cause errors or get corrupted. You can clear the DNS cache. To do so, press ‘Windows + R’ key and enter ‘cmd’. A command prompt will open. Enter ‘IP config./flush dns’ there. This will flush the DNS cache.

These are a few ways that you can try to fix Wi-fi / Internet Connected but not working issue. You can also take help from technicians and get your computer repaired or contact your internet provider if the issue persists.

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