26 Mar

Why Netflix not working on chrome?

Know the reasons why Netflix stopped working on Chrome and solutions to fix it

Netflix users may encounter difficulties sometimes while opening the app on Chrome. However, the cause behind this error may be not much prominent hence fixing it through some simple techniques is possible. If you want some real information on why Netflix stops working on Chrome and the solution to deal with the situation, then this is the most trustworthy platform for you. Therefore the genuine facts about the abrupt circumstances causing Netflix not working on Chrome browser error plus the methods to fix the issue are, as discussed below.

Why does Netflix stops working on Chrome?

The reasons creating issue in proper working of Netflix on Chrome Browser can be many. Some of the errors are identifiable while some are not. Therefore, a list of most common reasons behind this sudden issue of Netflix not working on Chrome is given below:

  • Internet connectivity error
  • Prevention via caches saved in Chrome
  • Some extension stop Netflix to work on Chrome
  • Chrome profile error
  • Issue with the Netflix account

How can you fix the Netflix issue on Chrome?

There are some techniques which may help in fixing the issue of Netflix on Chrome browser. If you are not fully acquainted with such techniques then refer to the data given here. Hence, a few simple ways to fix the Netflix not working on Chrome error are as discussed below:

Refresh Netflix page:

  • When the Netflix stops working on Chrome all of a sudden due to unexpected error troubleshoot it
  • Refresh the Netflix page on Chrome by pressing F5 on keyboard
  • Once page is reloaded properly check it is working or not

Clear browsing data:

  • Open the settings of your Chrome browser
  • Click advanced and find Privacy & security tab
  • Then go to the clear browsing data and click it
  • Now select the time range and tick mark the category of data
  • Hereafter press Clear data button and try reopening Netflix again

Disable extension:

  • Some new extension saved in Chrome may be stopping Netflix from working
  • Open the settings of Chrome browser first
  • Then go to the Extensions and open the tab
  • Now select the Extension and disable them

Use other profile:

  • Open Chrome settings and go to People tab
  • Now select manage people and click add person
  • Next, choose a new profile name and image
  • Save this new profile and sign in as new person

Use incognito mode:

  • Right click on the Chrome icon and a list will open
  • Click New Incognito window and a tab will open
  • Now open the Netflix page on Incognito window
  • Login to your Netflix account and try playing something to check the error

Hence, the most common reasons for Netflix not working on Chrome error and some simple methods to handle the issue are discussed above successfully. Besides, you can also contact a technical expert from Netflix support team and tell them about your issue. They will surely provide you better guidance regarding solving the Netflix not opening error on Chrome.

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