30 May

Why is Netflix not working on Roku TV?

Why Netflix doesn't run on Roku TV and how to fix this problem?

Is your Netflix not working on Roku TV? This may happen sometime that the Netflix app stops working on the Roku device all of a sudden without provocation. Although, there can be multiple reasons behind it the user cannot surely say that exactly what has caused this sudden occurrence of Netflix running error on Roku TV. However, a person need not be freaked out at the time Netflix stops working on Roku abruptly, as the error is fixable with some techniques. Therefore, the reasons for Netflix not working on Roku TV and its solutions are discussed below.

Why does Netflix not working on Roku TV?

Although it is almost impossible to verify exactly what has caused the sudden stopping of Netflix on Roku TV, yet it might have occurred due to some common reasons. If you want to get acquainted with these common issues due to which Netflix not working on Roku, kindly go through the details from below:

  • Some minor technical glitch in the Roku TV may cause the Netflix running error
  • Netflix account details you have entered on Roku TV are incorrect
  • Roku TV is not updated to the latest version
  • Netflix App on the Roku TV is not outdated

How can you manage Netflix running error on Roku TV?

Now that you have a genuine idea about why is Netflix not working on Roku TV as you know the common reasons causing the same, it becomes easier to correct the error in a more efficiently. Therefore a few techniques that can help you in fixing the trouble of Netflix not working on Roku TV are as listed below:

Restart Roku TV

  • At first turn off your Roku TV and restart it again after unplugging for a few seconds
  • Once Roku TV is restarted completely try opening the Netflix App on it again

Check Netflix account

  • Check the Netflix account that you are trying to run on Roku TV as sometime its subscription might have ended
  • Renew your Netflix subscription first and then open it on your Roku TV again

Get updates for Roku TV

  • Check if any latest updates are available for Roku TV
  • Go to the home screen of Roku and open its settings
  • Then scroll down to the System tab and open it
  • Next, go to the software update section and check it
  • Therefore download if any latest update for Roku is available and then restart the device
  • Later retry to open the Netflix on your Roku TV again

Re-install Netflix app

  • Your Netflix app itself causing error as it is corrupted sometime
  • Therefore, uninstall the Netflix app from your Roku TV  for once and then download it again from the apps store
  • Then re-install the Netflix app on your Roku TV and let the process to complete
  • Hereafter, try opening the newly installed Netflix app on your Roku device again

Now you can fix the Netflix not working on Roku TV problem successfully, you can enjoy video streaming on your device. Sometimes, Netflix not working on Roku TV error might not get fixed, even after applying the reasonable techniques. At such times, the user must contact the customer service team of Netflix to receive a better solution for the problem.

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