08 Oct

Safari Password Recovery

What is the process for Safari password recovery on MAC and iPhone, and how tech support provides help?

Do you want to recover your Safari password and looking forward to knowing the right procedure for it? If so, then this is the most suitable place to collect the necessary details about the recovery of the Safari password on the iPhone or MAC device. Safari browser allows you to store website user names and passwords, and the same details get auto-filled on the browser at the time you visit any website. However, Safari doesn't allow to view or transferring the password information to the users. Therefore you have to perform Safari Password Recovery in that scenario to recover your website login password. More details related to the recovery of Safari password on a MAC device or iPhone, as well as information about receiving assistance from Safari tech support for the same, are discussed below.

Know the process to recover the Safari password on MAC?

Safari is the most commonly used on a MAC device which allows storing website password and automatically fills the information when you visit any particular website. Safari Password Recovery on MAC is required when the user want to view your saved password which is otherwise not allowed without it. Mac users who require viewing any of their saved website passwords and wondering how to reset Safari Passwordthey can follow the process from below:

  • First of all, you need to launch the Safari browser on your MAC device
  • Then scroll down to the Preferences option by tapping on Safari from the browser menu
  • Further, you need to navigate to the Password option on the preferences screen of Safari
  • Then click on the Passwords tab and enter your Touch ID or password of Mac
  • After that, you will see a list of stored website with password details
  • At last, you can view your password by double click and reset at the same time

Know the process to recover the Safari password on iPhone?

Similarly, iPhone users might also look for information about Safari Password Recovery when they need to view or transfer their stored website passwords from it. It is a simple method to recover your stored password with Safari on your iPhone device. Moreover, if you are willing to know how to reset Safari Password on iPhone, then follow the steps from below:

  • Unlock your iPhone and then tap on the Settings icon from the home screen
  • Further, you have to navigate towards the Safari browser from the settings
  • Then go to the general section on Safari then choose the Passwords tab
  • Next you have to provide your Touch ID or the four digit device code
  • After that, navigate to the website from the list for the password recovery
  • At last, you can view the saved password and reset the same by editing it

How to get tech support help for Safari password recovery?

Several times, an iPhone or MAC device user might encounter some kind of difficulty during the recovery of Safari password and failed to perform it. In that case, Safari Tech Support plays an important role in providing proper assistance to the users. It is contactable through various modes for receiving assistance related to resetting your Safari password. To understand more precisely about how to get help from tech support regarding Safari Password Recovery, follow the details from below: 

  • Visit the official webpage of Apple and look for the technical support phone number
  • Then dial the tech care number and wait for your call to get connected
  • After that, you will hear instructions from the computerized voice
  • Next you have to choose the Safari password assistance from the different options
  • Then wait for your phone call to get transferred to a live tech support executive
  • After your phone call is picked, ask the technical care executive for the guidance to recover Safari password
  • At last, hang up the call once you are able to successfully recover your Safari password by the guidance from technical executive

Complete information related to the Safari Password Recovery on iPhone as well as on MAC is available above. Besides, the details for obtaining help from tech support in case of difficulty during resetting Safari password on your own is also provided above. Moreover, you can connect to the customer care center of Apple anytime whenever you require service related assistance.  


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