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SBCGlobal email server settings

An ultimate guide on how to setup SBCGlobal email on iPhone and Outlook

In the past few years, email has become an integral part of communication especially in the case of formal communications. Further, with the latest developments, the service providers have introduced such great features and applications that one can now even keep track of their email activities using their smartphones. 

Currently, one can find multiple email providers, still, SBCGlobal email is the one which is preferred by most of the users to perform their routine tasks. Well. accessing SBCGlobal email is quite simple, but it is required that the users have complete information on SBCGlobal email server settings. And for the users, who are looking for the server settings, they can read out this article. 

Procedure to setup SBCGlobal email settings 

Well, accessing SBCGlobal accounts is quite simple, but for an uninterrupted email experience, it is recommended that the users have complete information about the SBCGlobal email server settings IMAPFor accessing SBCGlobal email, it is essential that the user has set up the IMAP and SMTP settings properly. Further, to help one easily configure their email account, here are the steps that one can follow.

  • For this process, the user initially needs to launch the app on their device and click on the Settings option.
  • Then, click on the Add account option and setup the SBCGlobal mail by providing email and username. 
  • Now, select server type as POP3 with the incoming server as pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com and outgoing server as smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com.
  • Further, select port 995 for POP3 and 465 for SMTP and save the changes. 

How to set up SBCGlobal email on iPhone?

There are many users who have a query on SBCGlobal email server settings iPhone. So, to help out the users, here are the email setup instructions discussed below in this article. 

For setting up SBCGlobal email on the iPhone, the user is required to follow the listed instructions and access the email services without interruption. 

  • Launch Settings option on the iPhone and tap on Mail, accounts, and calendar option. 
  • Now, tap on the Add account option and provide the username, password along with the account description. 
  • Then, select the incoming server as IMAP and set the hostname as imap.mail.att.net. 
  • Further, for the outgoing server, the user is required to select the hostname as smtp.mail.att.net.
  • Later, for the outgoing and incoming settings, enable SSL with port 465 and 993.

Hence, these are the steps for SBCGlobal email server settings for the iPhone. In case, if the user encounters any issue they can feel free to contact the customer service. And for those who are looking for info on how to set up this service for Outlook, they can read this article further. 

Setting up SBCGlobal mail on Outlook

For the users who wish to receive their SBCGlobal email directly into Outlook inbox, they can check out the simple instructions listed below for SBCGlobal email server settings Outlook and easily keep track of their emails. 

  • To begin this process, the user is required to launch the official page of Outlook. 
  • Now, click on the Add account option and provide an email id and password.
  • Then, set the incoming server to pop.SBCGlobal.Yahoo.com and outgoing server to smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com.
  • Further, enter the email id and password to save the changes. 
  • Once done, the user is required to set ports for the incoming and outgoing servers as 995 or 993 and 465 or 587. 
  • Lastly, enable the SSL for the email service and proceed. 
  • After that, the user is required to click on the Finish button to save the server settings. 


Thus, with the completion of this process, the user can easily set up SBCGlobal email server settingsIn case, if the user encounters any issue with the email setup process they can seek help from customer service by using the information provided in this article. 

Contacting SBCGlobal customer service

SBCGlobal email is popularly known for offering the users with the finest email services without any interruptions. Further, to help out the users with their queries and issues related to SBCGlobal email settingsthe users are offered with customer support services where one can seek assistance for all their issues. 

For reaching out to the support representative the users are offered with three modes of communication that one can check out from the listed points. 

  • Phone call: The simplest and easiest way to reach out to a support representative at SBCGlobal is by dialing the toll-free number and seeking the required assistance for setting up the email. 
  • Email support: For any reason, if the support representative is not available on the phone call, then the user can send an email to the support team and set up their email settings. 
  • Fill out the feedback form: Lastly, the user can fill out a feedback form to resolve the issues related to email settings in time. 

Thus, this was the complete information regarding SBCGlobal email settings that one needs to know. So, next time whenever you need to set up the SBCGlobal mail just follow the instructions provided and access email services without any interruption and issues.

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