16 Jul

Unlock Facebook account without phone number

Know the basic reason of the Facebook account get locked and the process to unlock Facebook account without a phone number.

Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform used to share media, documents, files and status among the network. Since the inception of this platform, it has gained the top name with respect to other rivals. Nowadays This social media helps you to connect with your family, friends and colleagues as well, but also help you find and to meet with new characters around the world.

Despite being a multi-functioning platform, we come across suspicious and malicious activity to the account which causes the account to be locked. But you don’t need to worry anymore, here we have updated some of the basic and simple steps to Unlock Facebook account and possible reasons of getting locked of the account.

Here’s how to unlock Facebook account?

Most of the time Facebook account get hacked due to suspicious and malicious activity with the account. This could also be possible when someone tried to access your account, yes this problem becomes frustrating when we don’t have an idea to unlock it. But you should not worry anymore because facebook customer service is proactive to assist all your queries and question of Unlock Facebook account

Reasons behind locked Facebook account

  • If someone tried to access your account, facebook will automatically locked your account.
  • If the user tried to send or accept too many request that could also results in blocking of the account.
  • When user delete his account permanently, than it is not easy to get back to the account information.
  • If the user breach the stated terms and conditions of the Facebook, could results into blocking of the Facebook account.If the user tried to create the Facebook account with the same mail id.

A simple and Quick procedure to unlock facebook account.

If you are looking to get into the Facebook account, first user is required to Login in into the account and need to follow the on-screen instructions to verify the identity of the user. Usually, user come across these below mention options to verify the identity to unlock Facebook account without phone

  • You may need to identify the friends on the tagged images.
  • You may be asked to answer all the security question if added to the account.
  • Connect with the trusted contact.
  • You may be asked to provide the date of birth.
  • You may be requested to upload a photo by yourself.

Now after following the above steps, you may be looking for the most intuitive solution to fix it. Here we have mentioned the most simple and basic approach to unlock Facebook account without phone

Stick with the steps to unlock the Facebook account

  • At the beginning of the process, the first user is required to visit the official website of Facebook.
  • A Login window open, where you have to provide Login credentials.
  • Once you complete the process, now select the option “ Get help from friend” appear on the screen.
  • Now user are required to select the trusted contact from the list of friends displayed to you on the screen.
  • After following the above, now click on the continue button.
  • Now Facebook will send a security code to the contacts shown in the message box.
  • Further, now try to contact those friends and get the verification code.
  • Once you receive the code from the Facebook friends, provide those code in the given field an unlock your Facebook account in one simple go.

In most of the cases, you may require to upload a photo to verify the identity of your account. These are the below-mentioned steps to verify the identity to how to unlock Facebook account 

  • Enter the details of Email address and the phone number.
  • User can check the full name as listed In the account.
  • Now you should upload a photo.
  • In the last step, user are required to click on the link to reactivate the account.

Learn the simple way to connect with Facebook customer support for a solution 

Visit the Help center page of Facebook

These are the most simple and basic way to contact Facebook support, so read each of these steps very carefully for dedicated support or assistance.

  • User can check for the Login password process with the help of customer support
  • You can configure the user profile and settings.
  • Users can learn the process of how to activate the security features.
  • If you are willing to learn some other topics, you may ask for help from the Visit Help community or by visiting Ads help center.

Learn steps to connect live person on facebook

  • First user are required to visit the Help community page.
  • Now you have to Choose a topic and sub topic.
  • Moving ahead, user can ask a question in the given field
  • Click next.
  • Now user should follow the on screen instructions.

Learn all the above points to the Unlock Facebook account without iPhoneif you are seeking further assistance you can call directly to their support number to get the immediate feedback or response. Apart from that, user can mail their concern to the authentic department of facebook.

rxn mankin
2021-04-05 22:58:55

how to open unlock facebook ac

2021-05-15 12:37:56

how can facebook id unlocked without mobile number and e mail

Umesh K Lakt
2021-05-17 00:26:37

My number linked to Facebook is closed. I had added another number but it is not coming for otp. The old number comes. Please help me

Arsin mrong
2021-06-01 22:42:31

My fb account lock the Iwant to unblock

Akshay Bhika Dharpawar
2021-06-05 11:19:34

My Facebook account has been locked Hello dir your security system has been locked my real Facebook account now i am sending my feal proof please sir review it and reopened my real Facebook account. Thanks Facebook team. My account information:- Akshay Bhika Dharpawar My Original id name:- Akshay Bhika Dharpawar My Date of birth: - 10 12 1997


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