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Why is Gmail not receiving emails?

Resolved: Check out the quick fixes to resolve Gmail unable to receive emails :

In the past few years, people have become quite aware of the Gmail service and its incredible features. For those who are not aware, Gmail is an email service offered by Google that one can easily access using a computer and mobile devices. Besides, there are millions of users around the globe who are making proper utilization of this service. Moreover, this service comes with some of the finest features and functionalities to more various tasks of the users. 

Indeed, the services and security features offered by Gmail are unmatchable, but there users who have reported problems and errors with the email service like Gmail not receiving emailsSo, in case, if you are encountering a similar issue, then you can read out this article for complete information. 

Common issues faced by users along with not receiving email problem :

Along with not receiving email issue, there are chances that user might face some similar that one can encounter in the following manner: 

  • The account is failing to receive any type of email
  • The account is failing to send and receive emails
  • Can send email but to fail to receive any email

Thus, these are the few reasons that can lead to Gmail not receiving emailsSo, to help out the users, here are some of the effective solutions to resolve this problem in time. 

Solutions to Gmail failing to receive email issue :

1. Enable POP server settings for Gmail

To resolve why is my Gmail not receiving emailsthe user is required to follow the instructions listed below. 

  • Log in to the Gmail account by providing the credentials. 
  • Now, click on the Gear icon present on the email page and proceed. 
  • Further, click on the Settings option and click on Forwarding POP/IMAP settings. 
  • Enable the POP and save the changes. 
  • Then, close the window and check if the issue is resolved or not. 

2. Unable to receive email on Android

Well, there are many users who have reported not receiving emails in Gmail on Android. So, to fix this problem, the user can check out the listed solutions. 

Check or modify blocked contacts list

  • It is suggested to the users that they check the filters and blocked contacts list as it can be a reason for not receiving email.

Enable auto-sync

  • Enable the auto-sync feature in the Settings section to enable the auto-sync feature. 

Update server settings

  • Update or check the server setting as it can lead to Gmail not receiving emails problem. So, visit the Google official page and check the server status and resolve this issue accordingly. 

Modify data server settings:

  • Change the data server settings for Gmail and quickly fix this issue by using the listed instructions:
  • Click on the Settings option and click on the network setting option. 
  • Further, tap on the Data usage option and tap on unrestricted data. 
  • Enable it until Gmail is added to the data server list. 

Thus, these are a few solutions that can help one to resolve why is my Gmail not receiving emails on Android. Further, who are encountering a similar issue on their Android device they can check out the solutions mentioned below. 

Gmail unable to receive email on iPhone:

Well, there are multiple reasons that can lead to being unable to receive emails on Gmail while using the iPhone. But, one can quickly fix this issue by trying out the listed solutions in this article and for accessing uninterrupted Gmail services. 

  • Before heading on with any technical process, check the internet connectivity of the device, and check if the issue is resolved or not. 
  • Cross-check the email settings enabled on the iPhone for the Gmail account. If there is an issue with the email settings, users can make the required changes to the settings. 
  • Remove and re-add the Gmail account to iPhone and check if the issue is resolved or not. 
  • Clear cookies and cache of the Gmail app on the iPhone and check if the issue is fixed or not. 

Thus, these are the few solutions that one can try out to resolve why is my Gmail not receiving emails on the iPhone. In case, if the issue persists the user can reach out to Google support for required assistance. 

Contacting Google support to resolve not receiving email issue:

For the users who have failed to fix not receiving emails in Gmail, they can seek help from the Google support representative by making a phone call or requesting live chat assistance. Further, the assigned representative will offer the user the required assistance and help them to fix this problem as soon as possible. 

Thus, this was the complete information a user can resolve Gmail unable to receive email on various devices. So, follow the instructions provided and access uninterrupted Gmail services and manage the work accordingly. Further, if required, feel free to contact Google support for help. 

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