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Wireless printer not responding to computer,How do I fix it?

Know the possible causes of the wireless printer not responding to computer and quick fixes to resolve it

You may face problems related to printers at any time. Since printers are a technical thing, it may get in trouble at any time. You should be aware of the working of printers. There may be several problems that can arise in printers. Some of the problems are listed below. The quick fixes of that are also given below.

Are you worried about why your Printer not responding? There may be numerous reasons for that. Some of the obvious reasons are stated below. You can also take help from the printer customer service team where experts will handle all your issues and make you free from trouble.

What are the reasons my printer is not responding?

Since printers are technical stuff, the reason for the Printer not responding can be many. Some of the basic reasons are listed below. You can check and fix that issue accordingly.

Stuck Print Spooler

This is one of the obvious reasons of the Printer not responding. At the time of printing some document, the file is stored on your computer on a temporary basis. After that, the printer retrieves the work when it is ready and prints certain documents. Suppose, if the printer spooler gets stuck, the work that you want the printer to do, it will not print. This is the reason the printer will not respond in any way.

How to fix the issue of stuck print spooler?

  • The basic thing you can do is to restart the spooler service.
  • Click on the “Start” option and write “Services” in the box that was provided there.
  • Select the option “Services” among the searches that appears.
  • Right click on the “Print Spooler” and hit the “Restart” option.

Driver Issue

One of the basic issue why the Printer not responding can be driver issue. A driver is a software that allows communication between the operating system and the device. If the printer’s driver is not working properly or if no driver is installed, then the printer will not respond and will not give you the proper result.

How to fix the issue related to the printer’s driver?

The solution to why is the printer, not printing due to driver issue is given below.

  • Go and get the printer driver from the manufacture’s website.
  • Update your windows
  • You can also install disc that came along with the printer.


 The other reason for why is a printer, not printing can be the overuse of your printer. All printers come with a monthly recommended page volume. All the information related to printers is available in the user manual that comes along with the printer. Or, you can see it on the retail box or on its online product web page.

If you consistently use your printer, you will come across issues like repeated jamming, failure of internal parts of printer like paper pick up rollers.

How to overcome this issue?

  • Try to use your printer less.
  • Use another printer instead.
  • Give rest to your printer.

Consumables issue

It is one of the common issues for the Printer not workingThere may be numerous reasons behind this. Most of the printers stop responding when they are out of paper, or out of ink or toner, or if there is an issue related to ink or toner cartridge. Once you encounter this problem, you will receive an error message or you can also notice blinking green or amber lights on your printer. Another reason can be if an internal sensor finds out that the drum or other part has reached the end of its life.

How to resolve this issue?

  • Check the quantity of paper in order to make your printer work effectively.
  • Fill your ink or toner cartridge

These two can be the best solution for the consumable issue. Try to make paper and cartridges easily available. Otherwise, your printer will not connect with your system and fails to work as per your requirement.

 So, these are the reasons behind the Printer not working issue. You can fix the issue of your printer by your own. In case you want assistance from the customer team, then feel free to call on the customer support toll-free number and get help round the clock.

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