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Steps to Recover Yahoo Account

How can you recover Yahoo account?

In today’s time a major part of our day is spent surfing internet. There is not even a single thing that we need to live, is not available on internet. From ordering food to booking tickets or online communication, we all need internet. And when we talk about internet communication, we all prefer social media platforms for that. But somewhere, we still need emails for official communication. There are meetings, business deals, online recruitment of the employees etc. that requires a common platform for communicating. And for this, people make their official mail handle in which Yahoo tops the list. With one email username and a password, you can easily sign up for free. And if in case there is an issue like Yahoo account recovery then it can be fixed as well.

Losing password of Yahoo account 

From sending mail to playing online games or news updates, yahoo is used for all of these on daily basis. But still a lot of people end up forgetting their passwords. Maybe it was too complicated or they did not remember it well. There are a lot instances when people faced difficulty while logging in. In such cases, one can use Yahoo account recovery methods to recover the lost password.

Methods of Yahoo account recovery

So basically there are three major methods with which one can easily do Yahoo account recovery. In a scenario when you don’t have access to one method then you can use another one. To find out how, refer to the below given steps.

Yahoo account recovery with and without phone number

the first method of Yahoo account recovery is using phone number. If you have access to any number or not, in both the cases you can follow below given steps.

  1. First of all go to the official website of Yahoo and on the sign in page, click on forgot id and password.
  2. As the page is diverted to account recovery tab, you can choose any one method.
  3. For using phone number, you will receive a code on text. Enter the code in the security box and set a password. Repeat the password for confirm and you are done.
  4. Similarly, you can use the alternative email address or answer security questions in absence of phone number and recover your account.

Yahoo account recovery with or without using email id

  1. To recover Yahoo account with email, repeat the same steps of visiting the account recovery page and choosing any one method for account recovery.
  2. So if you choose to recover your account with the help of alternative email id then you will receive a code on your mail.
  3. Enter that code in the security box and set a new password. Re-enter the password for confirming and you will be done.
  4. Now suppose if you don’t want to use the email then try recovering your password with the help of recovery phone number or you can also prefer answering security questions.And hence that’s how you can do Yahoo account recovery with or without using your alternative email address.

Yahoo account recovery without security questions

The alternative of doing Yahoo account recovery is answering security questions. But let’s say if you don’t have any security questions then you can use the other two methods. Here are the steps given below.

  1. First of all visit the official web page of Yahoo and click on the sign in page.
  2. Now tap on forget username and password and move to account recovery page.
  3. If you don’t want to answer security questions then tap on either alternative email address or phone number
  4. Now if you choose recovery through phone number then you will receive a security code on your text. Once you enter the security code, you can create a new password after that. Re-enter the password and confirm it. And you will be done.
  5. Similarly, if you choose email address then you will receive a security code on mail. Enter the code in the box and set a new password. You can re-enter the password and confirm it. And that’s all.

Hence with the help of above given steps, you can easily do your Yahoo account recovery. If in case, you come across any doubt or want more information try contacting the customer care team for solution. You can reach out via mail or call 24x7.

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I would like to thanks for Instanttfn team for your support on Yahoo mail issue You had helped me alot in when I am actually gone stuck in accessing my important Yahoo account.


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