Centurylink Password Reset Number

Know about the process to reset Centurylink email Password!!

Centurylink email services are the easiest email domain as it allows the user to send and receive emails on their Centurylink email account. Also, the user can use it for chat purposes and can talk with their near and dear ones very efficiently.

Besides, to access the Centurylink email account, there is a need for a username and its password that will help the user to sign in to their account. On the other hand, many times the user forgets their password and there comes a need for Centurylink Password Reset or Recovery.

So, if any time the user face any signing issue or they have forgotten their account password then they can follow the Centurylink Password Recovery steps that are mentioned below.

Steps for Centurylink Password Reset

    • The user is first of all supposed to visit the Centurylink email homepage.
    • After this, they are required to click on the sign in option.
    • Then he or she is required to sign in to the CenturyLink email with the use of the account username and its password.
    • After signing in to the CenturyLink email account, the user needs to select on my account menu mentioned at the top side of the page.
    • Now, select on the drop-down list and then he or she is supposed to click on change or reset CenturyLink password option.
    • Once the user will select this particular option, they’ll get to a new window.
    • Now, in the current password option, they are required to enter their current password.
    • Then, go to the new password option and enter the new password that needs to save to their account.
    • Then again they are needed to enter their new password in the given space correctly.
    • By entering the new password twice the password gets confirmed.
    • The user then is supposed to select on save option to get the new password saved.


Therefore, by following these steps, anyone will be able to process the Centurylink Password Recovery and further, they can access their account without any hassle. These steps, on the other hand, needs to be followed in the correct way so that password gets saved completely and there is no error while signing in.

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