How do i select my seat on WestJet Airlines

Go through following to get the information on how to select the seat on Westjet Airlines!
If you need to select the seat on Westjet airlines and you are seeking the answer of how do I select my seat on Westjet airlines, then, all you need to do is go through following to get the answer for the same.

  • Westjet Airlines provides the freedom to select the seat during booking. A passenger can select the seat be that window, front, back or aisle. However, if you have already booked your trip, you can select the seat even after booking but you need to see if you flight is eligible for seat selection. If the flight is eligible for seat selection, then during booking only you can select the seat or later on under manage the booking section.
  • There are charges for the seat selection that are prompted on screen during booking.
  • Seat selection can be made without any charge i.e. if the seat selection is made within 24 hrs and 60 hrs prior to flight departure.
  • Seat selection can be made through web check in and mobile check -in.
  • If the passenger makes check in at the airport, seats are assigned during check in and during check in at the airport, the passenger can request for the seat allotment.
  • If the passenger buys the basic fare, then, the seat is automatically assigned during check -in. However, a passenger can opt for another available seat during check in only.
  • Seat selection fees are non refundable if the passenger does not call within 24 hrs of the initial booking but exception always lie with full itinerary conditions.

Make changes in your seat through Westjet Airlines manage booking:

  • Go to Westjet airlines website.
  • On the website of Westjet airlines, click on Manage and Plan.
  • Click on Manage Trips.
  • On the screen of Maange Trips, enter reservation code and Last name.
  • Click on Search option.
  • Once you click on Search option, further options are given to make changes into your booking.

For WestJet Seat selection process proceed further to select the seat.
If you need any kind of assistance, you can contact the customer care of WestJet seat selection phone number on the given helpline numbers. The helpline numbers are open round the clock.
In addition WestJet seat selection, you can make various changes into the Westjet airlines booking like adding the baggage, adding travelers onto your seat and many more.
Westjet airlines provides various offers and deals on its services. To know about various offers and services you can log into the website of Westjet Airlines or contact the customer care.
Choose Westjet Airlines to get assistance regarding booking and manage the booking.

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