How to book Cheap Flights on WestJet Airlines

Searching for cheap flights, book your ticket on Westjet Airlines !

WestJet Airlines provides its services into the region across Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Central America including the USA. Westjet Airlines works to provide the flights at nominal pricing to its customers and thus, it keeps on introducing various offers and discounts on its flights. If you are looking for cheap flight, then, Westjet cheap airline emerges as best option and if you need to know how to book cheap flights on Westjet Airlines, then, go through following procedure to know and book the flight to your destination on Westjet Airlines:

  • If you wish to book for vacation, you can click on Vacations tab and then, there are numerous options given on Westjet Airlines.
  • Since, you need to book cheap flight to your destination, click on Featured Vacation Packages.
  • There are two tabs given under Featured Vacation Packages, one is Vacations and the other is Vacation Finder.
  • Under the Vacations tab, enter departure and arrival point and then, number of travelers who wish to travel with you.
  • Enter departure point, arrival point and click on Get Vacations.
  • Westjet Airlines provides the Search result and you can choose any of the flight according to your choice.

The above procedure is when you are sure about destination and departure point but if you are unsure about the destinations, then, click on Vacation Finder:

  • Under the tab Vacation Finder, you are required to click on departure point.
  • Then, enter Vacation Type or destination. A pop up appears below the destination type, you can exclusively search for destination.
  • There is a classified slot given as Vacation Experience.
  • Under Vacation Experience, there are vacation types given like Adults only, Beach Type, Family Vacations, Disney Vacations etc.
  • There are various destination package given countrywise.
  • Select the one according to your requirement and choose any of the price range.
  • Click on Explore Vacations.
  • Enter further information to book your ticket.

In addition to above procedure, there are further procedure which give the solution to how to get cheap flights on Westjet:

  • Place the cursor on Vacations.
  • Under the option Vacations, you need to click on Vacation Offers.
  • There are various sections given under Vacation offers like hotel savings, kids offers, Resort credits, Ticket offers, Room offers, Dining Offers, Wild Card Stay, Multi Destination offers, Tour & Excursion offers
  • If you wish to visit several destination at once, then, you can go through multi-destination offers.
  • Search and choose the flight.
  • Book the flight accordingly.

If you are looking for Business Travel, then, you need to click on the tab Business Travel. Westjet airlines has business cabin and premium cabin as well and it provides all the state of the art services in business cabin and premium cabin of Westjet airlines. There are airport lounges available on Westjet flights and it also provides the inflight connectivity is also available on the Westjet cheap Airline. Alternative ways to book Westjet flights are through Rewards. To know more about how to get cheap flights on Westjet, click on Rewards tab.

  • There are various options give to book the flight under Rewards tab.
  • Search through the option and choose any of the option to book the flight.

Also, if a traveler has earned air miles on Westjet flights, then, using air miles, you can do the booking for Westjet flights. You can simply book your ticket through Book option given on Westjet Airlines flght booking website.

  • Simply click on Book tab.
  • Under the Book tab, click on Deals and Offers.
  • There are various options given under Seat Sale option, you can choose the option that best suits your requirement.
  • Follow the on screen instruction to book your flight.

Even after booking your flight, you can make changes into your booking. To make changes into your booking, you need to click on Manage and Plan.

  • Under the option Manage and Plan, click on Flight to manage the trip.
  • A passenger can make changes like adding more travelers, adding baggage, flight rescheduling and cancellation, adding special assistance etc.
  • Make payment if required.

To book cheap flights and make changes into booking, you can contact Westjet airlines customer service. Customer service executives are available round the clock so that customers can easily contact them anytime regarding their queries and to get the solutions about the queries. So we have discussed about How to book cheap flights on WestJet Airlines.


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