How to change seats of WestJet Airlines

Booked your flight with WestJet but not well-pleased with that? No worries, you can experience a pleasant journey to the destination on your preferred seat. WestJet provides the facility to change the previously booked seat and select the desired seat online.
Also, WestJet Airlines provides the facility to add a new seat and remove the booked seat before the scheduled departure of the flight.
If you want to change your seat and seeking information about how to change seats of WestJet Airlines or WestJet change seat selection then take this article as guide and read along to get the genuine information.

Steps to change your seat on WestJet Airlines:

Changing a seat on WestJet airlines is not a herculean task. Passengers can easily make changes to their booked flight and can select the desired seat online. Before changing your seat, you need to check the eligibility of your flight whether it is eligible for making online changes or not. If your ticket is eligible for making the changes then you can easily change your seat without any hassle. It becomes easy for WestJet change seat selection.
You can change your seat with the help of the enlisted easy WestJet Airlines seat change process:

  • Open the official site of WestJet airlines and click on Travel My Plan option.
  • Enter the information about your flight like the reservation number and your last name. Tap on the Next button.
  • Check the eligibility of your flight. If your flight qualifies for the seat selection then you will be given the option to change your seat.
  • Move to the Change Seat option. Now, you will be redirected to a new page where a layout will be displayed.
  • From there, you can select the desired seat and tap on the corresponding change seat button.
  • On the basis of availability, your selected seat will be reserved.

In this way, you can change seats on WestJet flight.
If the given WestJet change seats process is not efficient or you are not compatible with it then feel free to contact the booking representative over the phone.
Apart from this, WestJet Airlines presents the passengers with the facility to pick a seat from different cabin classes by paying a little or no additional fare. In case, the seat is selected from the same cabin class, no additional fee will be changed for the changes.
If still, you have a query like how to change seats of WestJet Airlines, you can contact WestJet Airlines customer support anytime, irrespective of the time zone. The team will help you for WestJet change seats instantly. The customer support team is available round the clock in order to resolve the queries of the passengers.

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