Delta Airlines Upgrades

Delta Airlines has various classes for passengers to choose from like economy class, first class, Delta one etc. Higher classes offer more comfort and benefits. Passengers can easily upgrade their seat through several ways. If you want to know ways for DELTA AIRLINES UPGRADE then they are given below in the blog.

1. Purchase upgrade

Passengers can purchase an upgrade by paying the upgrade fee and the fare difference of the higher class. This is however subject to availability. Upgrade can be purchased till 3 hours before the flight

2. Upgrade using miles

Passengers can also upgrade through the miles earned by them. If they have sufficient miles they can redeem it. The miles will be deducted from the account and they will be upgraded.

3. Complimentary upgrades

The Medallion Elite members get complimentary upgrades depending on their status tiers like gold, diamond, platinum. Complimentary upgrades can be done to Comfort +, Delta One class. Diamond and Platinum Medallion members get Global and Regional Upgrade Certificates through which they can upgrade on domestic, regional and international flights of Delta and its partner.

4. Companion upgrades

There are also companion upgrades where a companion travelling with the medallion member can get the same status like them. However the companion needs to be a SkyMiles member. Companion upgrades can be done on paid tickets, cash tickets, and award tickets.

Steps to upgrade

The steps for DELTA AIRLINES UPGRADE are given below

1. Online

  • Go to Delta website.

  • Select ‘My Trip’ tab.

  • Enter confirmation number, last and first name.

  • Your itinerary details will open.

  • Select the upgrade option.

  • Choose the class you want to upgrade to.

  • Pay the amount.

You will get a new ticket with upgrade.

2. On call

Passenger can also call the reservation center or the customer care center of the airline and request them to upgrade their seat. They can then make payment and confirm the upgrade.

3. At airport

Upgrade can also be done at the airport during check-in.

If passengers want any other detail about DELTA AIRLINES UPGRADE or have any doubt then they can contact the customer support of the airline and seek assistance from executives.

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