Deep Insights On The Cancellation & Refund Policy Of Korean Air

Flight cancellations happen all the time and airlines also make sure that does their passenger's valuable time and money doesn’t go in vain too. However, passengers often get confused with their flight cancellations and lose their money when they don’t know about the cancellation policy or refund policy of the airline with which they had booked their flight tickets. Hence, this becomes quite crucial to have appropriate information on the cancellation and refund guidelines.

When it comes to the Korean Air Cancellation Policy, the flag carrier of South Korea is pretty flexible with its flight cancellations and compensates with its passengers in the best ways possible. So, if you are looking forward to cancel your Korean Air reservations anytime soon then here’s what you to need to know about its flight cancellation and refund policy.

Cancellation Policy Of Korean Airlines

The mentioned below are the important guidelines from the Korean Air cancellation policy that you must know about.

  • Korean Air does not impose any cancellation charges on the flight cancellations that are made within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure
  • The Korean Air cancellation charges depends on the flight route and departure such as:

o   America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa (Long Haul): $320

o   Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Tashkent (Medium Haul): $270

o   Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taipei, Ulaanbaatar, Vladivostok, Irkutsk (Short Haul): $250

  • In the event, if there is any delay or cancellation from the airline i.e. Korean Air then the passenger will be compensated accordingly
  • Passengers can cancel their flight tickets via using the “My Trips” section on the Korean Air official website.

Hence, these were the important guidelines from the cancellation policy of Korean Air, now have a look at the refund policy of the airline here.

Refund Policy Of Korean Airlines

  • Korean Air provides full a refund on the cancellation made within 90 days to 24 hours prior to the respective flight departures
  • If the flight cancellations are made after the risk-free cancellation period then Korean Air will charge for refund penalties and service charges
  • A refund penalty of $26 will be deducted for Korean Air cancellations made within 61-90 days and $44-$315, if the cancellations are made within 15-60 or 4-14 days  
  • Moreover, the refund amount also depends on the classes and routes as per the Korean Air bookings made

Furthermore, you can contact the reservation center to get more details on the Korean Air cancellation policy & refund policy from the travel experts

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