Guide to Aeromexico Baggage Allowance and Policy

The Essential Guide on Aeromexico Baggage Allowance and Policy.

When it comes to the various airline's baggage policies, Aeromexico has a quite complex but easy-to-understand guideline that gives flexibility to their passengers. Generally, the first two bags that you are taking with you on the Aeromexico baggage international flights are relatively inexpensive. Saving a bit on that will be definite at the of booking. This page will help you to learn about the Aeromexico baggage rules and regulations that you must have known before you go for check-in, and also, this guide will help you estimate the baggage fees that you will bear if you book your flight with Aeromexico. 

Aeromexico Baggage Allowance:

Let's make it clear the baggage that you will be taking with yourself and learn about how much baggage Aeromexico allows to their passengers. There are two kinds of baggage that you take on an Aeromexico flight: carry-on and checked luggage. Below, you will find some main guidelines for baggage allowance.

► Carry-on baggage.

Under their carry-on baggage guidelines, any passenger can take 1 personal item and one standard carry-on bag for free. Let's understand some more about Aeromexico baggage size and weight regulations and restrictions.

  • Although it has not been disclosed what the size of your bag is, Aeromexico refers to items such as briefcases, laptops, purses, umbrellas, etc as personal items.
  • The standard size would be set with 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches and 55 x 40 x 25 centimeters.
  • In terms of weight, the maximum limit of weight should not exceed 22 pounds for both pieces combined. 
  • In case any infant is traveling with you, then you will be allowed to for 2 items free of charge, including a stroller, diaper, or a bassinet.
  • Each passenger is allowed to check one stroller at a time without any cost.
  • In the case of international travel, you may allowed one additional piece checked bedside, the stroller or basibet. But there is an upper cap that should not exceed 50 pounds in weight management and 45 linear inches in size.

► Checked baggage:

Here are the guidelines for Checked baggage, and it must not exceed 62 linear inches. The checked baggage rules may differ for different destinations. Below are some Aeromexico baggage weights and sizes for different flights depending on regions.

  • Flights within Mexico:
    • For basic fares, Classic and Flexible Fares, no bags are included.
    • AM Plus and AM Plus Flex Fare, only 1 bag included for up to 55 pounds and 25 kg.
  • Flights Between Mexico, the US, and Canada. 
    • No bags are included with any fares, excluding Clase Premier, for free, but can be purchased for up to 50 pounds and 23 kg.
    • In Clase Premier, only 2 bags are included with a 70-pound or 23 kg weight limit.
  • Flights Between Mexico and Central America.
    • For basic, classic, and flexible fares, unfortunately, no bags are included at free cost, but you can purchase for 50 pounds.
    • For Flexible and AM Plus Fare, only 1 bag is allowed for free with 23 kg or 50 pounds of weight limit.
  • Flights between Mexico and South America.
    • No bags are included for free, but you can be allowed to purchase 50 pounds. 
    • Flexible and AM Plus Fare, only one bag is included.
    • Clase Premier includes 2 bags with 32 kg or 70 pounds of weight.
  • Flights between Europe and Mexico.
    • The basic fare doesn't include any bags for free.
    • With Classic, Flexible, and AM Plus Fares, one bag with 50 pounds is included.
    • Clase Premier may include 2 bags with 70 pounds or 32 kg of weight.
  • Flights between Asia and Mexico.
    • Excluding the Clase Premier fare, only 2 bags are allowed with 50 pounds of weight.
    • In Clase Premier, you can allow 3 bags with 70 pounds. 

► Excess baggage Fees:

As of now, you have learned about the weight and size restrictions for baggage allowance. Let's have a look at Aeromexico baggage fees international.

  • Excess baggage fees may differ before and at the time of check-in for your flight; in almost every case, at booking or before check-in, it will cost you less. 
  • Based on the Fare route and type, your Excess baggage fee varies.
  • It starts from as low as $30 and goes up to $320. 
  • For each baggage, you will be charged if the baggage limit is found to be oversized or Overweight as per the Aeromexico Fare and baggage policy.
  • Elite members can get waived on excess baggage limit.

How can I track my baggage on Aeromexico?

There are ways for Aeromexico baggage tracking, as given below. 

  • People can lodge a report and get a tracking number. 
  • You can send an email to, where you can request your baggage concerns.
  • Go to the Track your Baggage page and track it by using the tracking number once you receive it. 

How much baggage is allowed on Aeromexico?

Generally, Aeromexico allows every passenger to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag into the airplane cabin. The total combined size and weight of the luggage must not exceed 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches and 22 pounds(10 kg) of the limit; otherwise, there may be a penalty would be charged. However, you can add an extra baggage limit by paying applicable Aeromexico baggage prices as given on this page. 

How much can your baggage weigh on Aeromexico?

Any passenger would be allowed to carry a total weight of up to 22 pounds or 10 kg in the cabin and weigh up to 23 or 25 kg for the main cabin and a max of 32 kg for Club Premier in Checked baggage. 

How much does Aeromexico charge for checked baggage?

Aeromexico does not charge any fee for checked baggage, but you must have to pay for the excess baggage limit. It depends on your fare type. If your fare is Basic, then there will be no checked luggage is allowed, and for other fare types, baggage is included, and you can learn more about it. 


To conclude the article, here are the final words. You have learned about Aeromexico flights' baggage allowance and policy, including the excess charges and limit restrictions. You can get more information by contacting Aeromexico baggage customer service or visiting the help page on their official website.

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