Aeromexico Check-in: Guide for Travelers

A Systematic Approach to Understanding Aeromexico Check-in Policy and Process.

Check-in is the crucial step for any air travel journey that you are required to complete. Failing to do the check-in may lead you not to board; ultimately, you will not be allowed to depart. Check-in helps passengers board and choose where to sit on a plane. This guide will help you to understand the various methods for Aeromexico check-in and what are the rules and regulations that you must fulfill to be eligible for the check-in. 

What are the methods for Check-in with Aeromexico?

Let's discuss how someone can easily complete their check-in if they have flight tickets for Aeromxicco. This airline offers various methods for check-in, which are explained below. You can choose any of the methods for your check-in that are digital and non-digital methods. 

Digital Check-in Process: In case you need convenience, then you can choose to check in digitally. Here are the digital ways through which you can process your check-in quickly without standing and waiting for your turn in the queue. Most travelers use Digital Check-in. Let's see how

App-based check-in: Here, you are going through the Aeromexico app check-in process, where you download the Aeromexico mobile application and sign into your account, then choose the check-in tab and follow the app guide to complete the process. After that, you receive the e-boarding tickets that will help you in departing from the journey.

Web-based check-in: Web-based check-in is also similar to the app where you visit and then click on the check-in tab, and follow the steps by entering the booking reference number and last name of the guest. 

Non-digital Check-in Process: Non-digital methods generally feel less convenient than online ways. Sometimes online check-in is not allowed on certain fares, and there, the passengers are required to make a visit to the airport for the check-in. Let's understand what are the non-digital methods for Aeromexico.

Check-in at KIOSK: KIOSK check-in is a self-check-in process where you check in for your flight by visiting the KIOSK machine at th airport. The process is also seamless; simply go to the machine, enter your ticket details as shown on the screen, and follow the instructions. There, you enter your choices and finish your process. Your e-boarding passes will be generated and used at the time of Boarding.

Check-in via phone call: This is also a great way to check in quickly. Here, all you need to do is make a call by dialing the Aeromexico phone number. You will hear some guidelines on the phone; kindly follow them accordingly, and your check-in will be done. You can talk to the support representative over the same call if you need any further assistance.

Via Airport counter: If you find any difficulties while using any of the above ways, then you can simply reach the airport and complete your check-in from the counter. The staff will help you with all the assistance. You may find a long queue that may cause you to wait, so it is advisable to reach the airport at least 1-2 hours before Aeromexico check-in time is started.

Aeromexico Check-in Guidelines and Rules:

As of now, you have understood the process and various methods that will help you in your check-in. However, it is also important to be aware of the Aeromexico policy. In this part of the article, you will find some major key regulations of Aeromexico's general terms and rules that you must obey to have a successful journey.


  • International check-in opens 24 - 3 hours earlier than departure.
  • Check-in will be free for web, mobile, or KIOSK for their flight.
  • In case you have completed your check-in but, due to a plan change, you want to reschedule your flight. Then kindly talk to the customer support agent. Kinld read the Aeromexico flight change rules before making any changes.
  • Suppose you have purchased your tickets from any third party, then you may not be able to make an online check-in. In such a case, you need to contact your travel agency. 
  • In case of any check-in error, you should call the Aeromexico customer representative. 

RESTRICTIONS: Any case of Aeromexico check-in error can be caused if you fail to obey the policy and are found to be traveling with restricted items. Here are the key restrictions listed for your boarding.

  • Passengers are required to showcase a valid document that matches the identical information with the boarding pass. 
  • You're restricted to bringing hot drinks, any sort of liquid/gels, or alcohol on the plane.
  • Under 16 children must be accompanied by adults.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the workplace, and any violation may cause you to face legal action or inconvenience.
  • Passengers must drop their checked baggage at the baggage drop section no later than 40 minutes before the departure.


  • For domestic flights, your check-in and baggage time would take up to 30 minutes
  • For International flights, it may take up to 45 minutes.
  • Group bookings generally take 60 minutes for domestic and 120 minutes for international.

PROCESS: The Aeromexico boarding process includes five steps, starting from flight check-in, which will followed by Baggage inspection, security inspection, Immigration inspection, and lastly Boarding. 

FEE: As per the check-in terms and conditions, for domestic flights, your check-in would be free for Web, Mobile, and Kiosk, and a nominal service fee would be charged if you use airport check-in and via phone call with $25 and $50, respectively and similarly for the international Aeromexico flights but here the service fee would be $50 and $100 for both airport and phone call check-in. Remember, the Aeromexico check-in 24-hour rule will be applicable for all methods.

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