How to Cancel LATAM Flight Reservations?

Can I cancel LATAM Flight Reservations?

Yes, you can cancel LATAM flight reservations, although terms and fees vary based on factors like ticket type and timing. It's essential to review your ticket's conditions before proceeding. Acting promptly may help minimize cancellation fees and provide better options for rebooking or refunds. To cancel your reservation, you can contact LATAM's customer service at [LATAM's customer service phone number 1 (866) 435-9526. Alternatively, you can cancel online through LATAM's website or mobile app, ensuring your booking details are on hand for a smooth process.

How do I cancel LATAM Airlines Reservations?

Cancel the flight via the website:

If you are wondering whether to cancel or postpone the flight, you can complete the process through the official website. The site, which the official develops, is user-friendly, and you can complete the cancelation process in 3-5 minutes. Thus, below are the further steps you need to follow; please take a look:

  • Visit the official webpage of LATAM to begin the mode
  • Go to the "Manage My Booking" tab and type all the details, such as PNR Number, name, etc., and find your itinerary. 
  • Go to the "Edit my flight" tab and go to the "cancel the journey" option. 
  • Fill out the refund form and make the fee to confirm the booking process. 

Cancel the journey via phone call: You can LATAM Cancellation phone number at 1 866 435 9526, where the official will be assigned, who will take all the queries related to our flight cancelation However, Remember to listen to the IVRs carefully as choosing one of them is compulsory. You can also request the official to place a refund request post-flight cancelation. 

Approach the airport and cancel the flight: There are times when you are unable to contact LATAM over a call as the number goes busy; thus, in such cases, you can consider approaching the help desk at the airport where you can request the executive to initiate a cancellation request. However, remember to carry all the ticket details or identity card so you can present them to the airline.  


What is the LATAM flight cancellation policy?

It is always recommended that passengers of LATAM be aware of its cancellation policy so they can have an idea about the fees or charges imposed by the airline, along with some rules through which you can save any additional charges imposed by the airline for canceling an itinerary. So, dive into the points highlighted below; 

  • If you cancel the itinerary within 24 hours of the reservation, the airline will initiate a 100% refund after a flight cancellation. 
  • If LATAM cancels the itinerary from their end, you do need to fill out the cancellation form, but the airline will either arrange a flight or refund the amount back to the source. 
  • For a non-refundable ticket holder, the airline may not initiate a refund after cancellation; rather, they may offer you travel credits. 
  • If you have a loyalty membership, you can cancel the itinerary at no additional cost. 
  • In case of any unfortunate event/s, you cancel the flight without any service charges, which are generally imposed. 
  • In case of flight delays for more than 3-5 hours, you can cancel the flight and get a refund without any deduction. However, this rule may change.
  • For more clarification on the same, you are suggested to keep yourself in the loop with the rules. 

What if you cancel the LATAM flight within 24 hours?

There is a LATAM 24-hour cancellation policy, in which it is mentioned that the airline will not charge you any additional cost for canceling the journey within 24 hours of the booking. However, if you do not cancel the flight in 24 hours, some charges will be imposed. 

What is the cancellation cost on LATAM?

Many people often wonder about the charges imposed by LATAM on passengers for canceling the flight. Thus, to be aware of the same, you are requested to take a look at the points that are highlighted below; 

  • The LATAM cancellation fees are determined by the total ticket cost. 
  • As per the recent rules, you will be imposed 10% of the ticket cost for canceling the journey; however, you can avoid it by canceling the flight within 24 hours of the booking. 

Can you get a refund for canceling a LATAM flight?

Yes, LATAM offers a refund if anyone cancels a flight; however, this cannot be the case every time. For example, if you cancel the flight post-departure, the airline may not initiate a refund. Thus, for any other information on the same, you can approach the airline's assistance team.  

How to avoid a cancellation fee on LATAM? 

If you do not want LATAM to put a cancellation charge, you can consider some methods that are highlighted below; please  look at:

  • Ensure that the itinerary is canceled within 24 hours of the booking. 
  • If you join any elite club program, you may avoid paying the extra 10% cancellation charges. 
  • In case of any critical reason, for example, a national emergency, poor weather, illness, etc., you can request to cancel the flight and get a refund. 

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