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With its headquarters in Seoul, Korean Air is the largest South Korean Airline. If you are traveling to one of your preferred destinations for a family trip, vacation, or for business purposes, you can opt the airline because of its outstanding services and facilities. They also offer a good quality customer service team through which they help their customers with the varied issues you come across. 

How do I contact Korean Air?

Including various ways to reach out to Korean Air Skypass Customer Service for help, the airline lists it as one of the four-starred airlines. You can choose to go through each one of them from the details below. Every method is explained in the possible details: 

Via Phone Call- 

The most rudimentary mode to reach Korean Airlines for assistance is the call process. You may opt towards dialing the number 1 800 438 5000 and going through the given below steps for assistance: 

  • Dial the Korean Air customer service number, 1 800 438 5000, and choose a preferred language. 
  • Then, you will receive a set of IVR instructions. Be earful towards the same and select one from them. 
  • Soon, an executive shall communicate with you so that the issues you are having can be addressed. 
  • Clarify the issues well and soon be accessed with their solution which you are needful of. 

via Live Chat-

You might get to access the Korean Air Customer Service chat for help. Thus, you can follow the given below steps that shall help you communicate with the airline from the agent in real-time: 

  • Go to, the homepage of Korean Air.
  • On the homepage, you shall find the customer feedback option from the Customer Service drop-down; click on the same. 
  • It shall forward you to the related page. Now, a chat icon shall be availed at the right side of the page. Tap on the same; a chat box will open. 
  • Get on to it, and revert to the queries you receive in the chat box. Soon a chat box will open on the screen where you can get on and find the help you are seeking from the airline. 

Via Email Support- 

Issues or problems with Korean Airlines can also be raised for help via email. You can get on to the compose box available and type down the issues you have. Attach the required documents to the email and send them to the Korean Air Customer Service email Within 24 hours or at the earliest the airline shall get back to you with the most suitable solution of the issues you have raised with them. Through the email, you might even attach screenshots, screen recordings, or attachments supporting your issue. 

Via the contact form- 

Korean Air also has a contact form with which you can raise the issues you are facing with the booking you hold, rather than reaching out via Korean Air Customer service chat. You can choose to follow through the below-given steps so that the issues you have can be easily raised: 

  • Get forwarded to the official website of Korean Airlines and reach on to their help page. 
  • Then, scroll down and go to the Customer Feedback option. 
  • Here, click on the tab available for "Send us your comments." A form shall open where you can post the issues, make suggestions, or post comments. 
  • Add relevant contact details along with the same so that the airline can easily get back to you to provide the aid you might need. 

Via Mailing Address- 

The issues can also be raised by writing a letter to the airline. You can draft a letter to the airline and add relevant documents along with the same; you can send it to 260, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, the office address of Korean Airlines. Revert from the airline shall soon be availed so that the issues you are facing can be addressed with a solution. 

What are the benefits of reaching out to Korean Air? 

By getting to communicate with Korean Airlines during Korean Air Customer service hours, multiple benefits can also be achieved. A list of these benefits are as follows: 

  • Instant and quick support can be availed from the airline due to the availability of the customer service team. 
  • Best deals and offers with any addition can be availed. 
  • Multiple issues on one call can be solved. 
  • Contacting the airline via call is cost-effective as they have a toll-free number, and it is also time-saving. 

Is Korean Air available 24/7? 

Yes, the customer support team is known as Korean Air's 24-hour customer service, as they are available round the clock to provide its customers with the best possible solution for the issues any customer comes across. Thus, if you too are one of them you can sit relaxed as they help at best.

Here are some related FAQs regarding contacting Korean Air customer service:

Q. How do I contact Korean Air customer service?

You can contact Korean Air customer service through various channels such as phone, email, or live chat on their website. The specific contact details may vary depending on your location.

Q. How can I reach Korean Air Skypass customer service?

For inquiries related to Korean Air's Skypass program, you can typically contact their customer service department through the same channels as general inquiries.

Q. What is the Korean Air customer service phone number for the USA?

To reach Korean Air customer service in the USA, you can dial their dedicated phone number for US customers. This number is typically available on their official website.

Q. How do I contact Korean Air customer service in Thailand?

If you're in Thailand and need to contact Korean Air customer service, you can find the appropriate phone number or email address for Thai customers on their website.

Q. What is the Korean Air phone number for Canada?

Canadian customers can typically reach Korean Air customer service by dialing the dedicated phone number provided for Canada. This information is usually available on Korean Air's official website or through other communication channels.

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