How do I troubleshoot my Canon printer?

How do I troubleshoot my Canon printer? 

You can troubleshoot your Canon printer with the help of the below-written methods written in layman's language so that you can use it anytime without making any mistakes.

You can check for the Canon Pixma troubleshooting flashing lights on the operation panel that might be off. You can keep pressing ON/OFF on the machine. Then suddenly, you can see that the copy button is flashing, then keep patience till the copy button stops flashing and remains lit.

  • If your troubleshooting process is not proceeding, you can check the machine that might not connect properly. You can look for the USB cable that should be tightly connected to the machine.
  • If you are using a relay device like a USB HUb and disconnect the printer USB cable from that hub instead of connecting directly to the Printer. After this Printer usually starts, the problem lies in the relay device. You must connect with the reseller of the relay device for details.  
  • If there is still an issue, then check the USB cable then, replace the USB cable, and reprint the device. If you are using the Printer with the help of a wired LAN, then you need to make sure that machine must be connected to the network with a LAN Cable and thoroughly review the setup. 

Why is the Canon Printer not working? 

If your Canon printer is not connecting, then there are several causes that your Printer is not working, and those causes are mentioned below in bullet points for better understanding so that you can apply it without any expert advice. 

  • If your Printer is not working, then the Ink tank is empty.
  • If the ink tank is not installed in alignment with your Printer.
  • Ink tanks may not be installed securely.
  • You can check for unnecessary print jobs left in a queue/computer issues.
  • The CD tray may not be set correctly if the Printer is not working. 
  • The main cause lies in the machine because sometimes it is not ready to use or the machine USB cable is not connected correctly.
  • Sometimes the machine model is not selected in the printer driver.
  • Sometimes, your Printer is not properly connected to the printer port (windows).

How can I reset my Canon printer?

You can reset your Canon printer with the help of the below-discussed points. These points will fix your Canon printer completely, and you can start printing without technical issues.

  • First, you can look for an error message that will be displayed on the LCD to identify some error in the ink section. You can open the printer cover and check the ink lamps. If it is red, then the Printer has enough ink. 
  • You can also reset your Printer by deleting the last print jobs left in the queue. After that, start your Printer, and it will print the pages from the initial stage. 
  • You can properly set the CD R tray in an alignment so that the letter F should be on the upside. After that, close the lid and start the machine, then the Printer will resume printing. 
  • You can close the inner cover while starting the Printer because that may be the problem of interrupting between printing pages.
  • You need to set your primer driver, go to the printer driver section and make sure that your printer model has been set in the printer dialog box. 

In case all these above methods are not working, then you can connect with the Canon technical team on the Canon printer customer service number 1860 180 3366/+1-802-722-2574. The number will connect with the live person who will resolve your query and provide well-needed guidance to fix your Printer. 

How do I troubleshoot Canon Printer not working? 

You can check for the Canon Pixma troubleshooting flashing lights. If the printer lights flatshare orange, then there must be an error. You need to see the blinking patterns of light. If both the lights are blinking alternatively, then disconnect the cable and turn the printer off, then plug it in again for power supply. If the Printer still shows a problem, you must connect with someone at Canon. 

  • If it blinks together, you must keep pressing the power button. After that, the printer light will turn green. Keep the pages inside the tray and follow the instruction.
  • At last, the Printer will print a test page. 

If you still have doubts, connect with the customer service team via Canon Printer customer service number 1860 180 3366, available 24 hours and seven days a, and resolve your query as soon as possible. 

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