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Recover Hacked Facebook Account: Guide

Just Imagine you receive a notification that your Facebook account is hacked. This may put you in a dilemma over how to contact Facebook about recovery. This will authorize you to access your account and repost stories, pictures, and videos or promote your business. The explanation will also guide you with helpful procedures to fix the account, ways to approach the support team, etc. So, consider the information;

What measures you can adopt to Recover your Facebook Account?

Critical conditions occur when users find some unauthorized activity in the profile, so they cannot access and use their account. Hence, to prevent these issues, there are different measures or modes you can consider and request the support agent to fix your concern; please have a look:

Report the account:

You can report a hacked Facebook account immediately by following the measures, and after this, you will be able to recover your account and use the Fax=cebook services effectively. 

Step 1: First, you must go to your hacked Facebook account to commence the method. 

Step 2: Click on the "My Account is compromised." 

Step 3: Then, you have to enter your "Email Address or phone number," where you may receive an auto-generated code. (Ensure the number or email address is the same as you provided while signing in with Facebook).

Step 4: Click "Search" in the "Find My Account" tab. 

Step 5: There, you have to enter your "Old or Current Password." 

Step 6: A few reasons will reflect; choose the one that suits you best. 

Step 7: Click on "Continue," and there you will view the tab to enter "Password, email address, name," and other essentials. 

Step 8: Submit the form, and you will be able to recover your account. 

Reach the executive

The second method you can use to recover a hacked Facebook account is via reaching out to the official of Facebook on their phone number. You have to dial the Facebook support contact number where you have to cite all your concerns and the issue concerning your account and provide them with your account details. They may find appropriate resolutions to fix the concern that you cannot access your account. 

Report a problem. 

To recover your account, you can consider filing your issue in the "Report a problem" tab, which is available on the official Facebook page. However, this method may or may not function properly as the methods to fix the accounts were slightly changed. However, you must try your hands in the same way as discussed below:

  1. Go to the official webpage of Facebook to begin the process.
  2. Then, you have to tap on the "Need Help" tab. 
  3. There, you have to provide the existing Facebook account details. 
  4. You will view the "Report a problem" option (if you cannot log in). 
  5. Enter all the details asked there and submit the form. 
  6. You have to wait until you receive a response from the Facebook support team. 

NOTE: The modes provided above will guide you with your FB account and how to recover. And you will be able to access it without any issues. 

Can you recover your Facebook account without a password?

Yes, Facebook allows you to fix your account without a password. You must get the Facebook URL, which you may find on the official page by clicking the "Forgot Password" and following the later instructions. 

How much time does Facebook take to recover a hacked account?

The users of Facebook ask an enormous question about the time taken to recover the account. To know the answer, you have to take a look at the points provided below:

  1. As per the data, Facebook takes 2-3 weeks to recover the account. 
  2. However, this also depends on why your account was hacked because the team has to verify the issue. 
  3. If you want to know your account's status, you can contact the Facebook support team. 

How do you find out if your Facebook account is hacked?

There are different points you can locate if your account is hacked, and some of them are elaborated below:

  • Unusual postings— If you find some irrelevant postings in your profile, you must change your password instantly. 
  • Information changed— If you realize your name or profile picture is changed, you must know that some "unauthorized activity" is occurring. 
  • Unable to login— If you are unable to login to your account, then you must understand some unusual activity has happened. 

There is also an availability of Facebook 24-hour customer service phone number where you can cite your hacked account status so they can fix it. And one is recommended to change their passwords once every month to avoid hackers. 

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